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Topic: About Halb27, anyone knows if he is still around? (Read 856 times) previous topic - next topic
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About Halb27, anyone knows if he is still around?

First, hi all!

I just want to ask about Halb27, the famous developer who gave us the LAME 3.995o version.

Anyone knows if he is still around, last time I checked he was very ill.

Thanks in advance for anyone that replies, he is a very nice person that I had the pleasure to exchange some messages prior to the pandemic.



Re: About Halb27, anyone knows if he is still around?

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I fear for the worst :( halb27, apparently a (former) math teacher tutor and, before his retirement, software developer and consultant, last posted messages in a German teacher forum in January 2021. Here on HA, he was last active in October 2021. Also, his (former) personal web site has been shut down.


P.S.: Details on the above omitted for privacy reasons.
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