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FLAC / Re: FLAC v1.4.x Performance Tests
Last post by john33 -
Actual definition is:
Disregard strict standards compliance. -Ofast enables all -O3 optimizations. It also enables optimizations that are not valid for all standard-compliant programs. It turns on -ffast-math, -fallow-store-data-races and the Fortran-specific -fstack-arrays, unless -fmax-stack-var-size is specified, and -fno-protect-parens. It turns off -fsemantic-interposition.
General - (fb2k) / prefer specific formats
Last post by sikfan -
If I have multiple copies of albums, how can I set foobar to prefer specific formats in a hierarchy? (for example flac, wav or ogg over mp3, or mp3 320 over mp3 128)

is there a plugin to do this, or can it be accomplished from the vanilla installation (v2.0 beta 10)
FLAC / Re: FLAC v1.4.x Performance Tests
Last post by bennetng -
Maybe others want to try because -Ofast may include optimizations that make problems.
Googled a bit and it seems that -Ofast is not an optimization on processor architecture, it does optimization by changing some floating point logic. Would like to see comments from some developers about whether it is safe to use or not in the case of FLAC.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: 2.0 beta 10 - media library constantly re-read upon new start
Last post by IAmLostForWords -
Why should I switch the Rescan off - does it do a full discard of the library? If I remember correctly, in earlier versions it just checked on startup on whether there were changes since the last scan, meaning: if the file modification date was more recent then the last, it would re-read that file.

My impression is that the cause for the full dump and re-read was caused by the mount not being available on startup, but becoming available later. I mean to remember that earlier versions would handle mounted drives so that they weren't marked for full library scan, when not available.
General Audio / Re: The CD Is Now 40 Years Old
Last post by ThaCrip -
...and it's still the best physical format available. although I have not bought a store bought CD since the early 2000's although most CD's I bought would have been in the late 1990's for sure. but I still use burned CD-R's occasionally. it's still my preferred format for playing music outside of my computer that's not in a portable form (although I still do have my portable CD player which I think has a Dec 1999 mfg date).

so while CD's have technically been around for 40 years, you might as well say on roughly a more mainstream level it's more towards 30 years or so as I imagine in the 1980's (I was a kid in the 1980's so I can't really say much here) CD player units were probably too expensive for the common person. so at least for a large portion of that decade it was out of reach for many, if not most, people.

I don't remember what we paid for our Panasonic RX-DS620 (April 1991 mfg date) in probably late 1991 to maybe 1992, but I would guess around $200, probably had to be at least $100+ from my best estimate. while the tape player semi-works, it will get stuck with a tape in it if you press I think it was either the rewind or fast-forward and have to take it apart and spin some white plastic wheel on it to free the tape. but I don't really use tapes anyways (I have not used tapes since sometime in the 1990's pretty much) as that units sole worth is for playing CD's which is still does well as if the CD unit died, the unit would be pretty much junk since I don't really care for radio use in general, never really have (maybe a brief bit around 1993 or so). it plays overburned CD-R's well to as I burned one to 82min15sec not all that long ago and it shows up on the unit as 82min12sec and plays to the end of the disc without issue.

p.s. based on you can see CD's, while THE peak was 2000, you can see the 1990's and 2000's were when it was at it's strongest in general and then it started a rapid decline after that. like if you want to look at the years with say roughly a minimum of 250,000,000 CD's sold that was about 1990 through about 2010-2011. but as you can see in the picture, and even what that sites general article says, CD sales actually increased in 2021 which it said was the first time they increased in about 20 years. but lets hope CD's continue to sell enough to keep them in existence as it will be a sad day when people can no longer get music on CD's as then it will be a downgrade.