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volume boost

whenever i open another program, specifically guitar rig, the music in foobar plays louder.

it returns back to normal when i manually change the song or stop playback.

guitar rig uses asio plugins. foobar's output device is my soundcard.

i use .9b13

why do i get a volume boost?
and how can i keep this boost while using foobar without opening the other program if possible?

volume boost

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I just had the same thing happen to me. I was listening to foobar .9b13, when i opened a .mpg file. when the .mpg began to play, foobar about tripled in volume. btw, the .mpg file opened in powerdvd 6.

volume boost

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Because Power DVD raises the global Windows volume and thus in any program that's running. I myself have a problem of volume becoming unstable: it unexpectedly goes up or down, and I don't run any additional sound playing programs. I use a Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Pro. Any ideas?


volume boost

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AFAIK, in PowerDVD, there is an option to not remember the last used volume setting. Or was it WinDVD? Well, look around for such an option.
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