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General Audio / Re: MP3 file analyzer tool?
Last post by zeremy -
According to the Windows 10 security concept

This has been the case since Vista came out over 10 years ago. You have some catching up to do.

I know the installer didn't let you place your portable folder in program files because it won't let you without admin rights. Therefore you must have let it install elsewhere and then moved it manually.
The component supports custom fonts/sizes for tooltips but each script would need updating. If you were using my scripts, you need to open

samples\complete\js\helpers.js and edit line 51..

Code: [Select]
var tooltip = window.CreateTooltip();

so it becomes

Code: [Select]
var tooltip = window.CreateTooltip("Segoe UI", 20, 0);

The 20 is the font size in pixels and the 0 is style. You can change that to 1 if you want a bold font.

Using any other script, you need to edit window.CreateTooltip as above. It should appear only once in any script do don't just add it.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by marc2003 -
I suspect someone who is competent could make it work but I don't know how.
General Audio / Re: MP3 file analyzer tool?
Last post by AndyH-ha -
Open file in foobar2000, select track and right click, select properties, look at details.
ty for the answer!
it's a shame that no encoders are available for general use. it seems this codec is very restricted, only in dedicated hw for now.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by 3dyd -
@charlie_su1986 thank you

Yeah, it seems that firefox caches pages now, because download link appeared after force refreshing the page (CTRL-F5) :\
That was due to misconfiguration of cache control on the server. Fixed, thanks.

in previous version i generated "hh_ello.m3u" file with content

Code: [Select]
... next 2052 lines
Ah. I was not aware of use cases when track path can retain original URL scheme, And this is one of them.

Fixed in beta5. For supported URLs without custom scheme was added redirection to fy+ when track info is requested or decoding starts. Files with http and https schemes are "remote", which affects their processing. [If I understand correctly] when such file is part of playlist, file info is not requested when playlist is being added. So you'll get your big playlist loaded instantly, but without metadata. Remoteness also means at least that embedded album art will not be loaded for such files. In context of this component that means there will be no thumbnail as album art. And metadata edit is also not possible (either because file is remote or because it is http/https).

hmm i append fy+ to http: but very very slow opening m3u file with 2000 lines to playlist
That is because unlike http/https, fy+ files are declared as "not remote" by the component. So file info gets requested when such files are added from playlist. If you don't have yet that info in the cache, a clip analysis will be initiated, which may take few seconds per clip. So adding a large playlist may take a long time. Though when you'll add it next time, that will be quick.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by PeteG -
New Version: JScript Biography 0.8.3
FIX: Rare cases where album names were being incorrectly processed.

@PeteG. Issue should be fixed (see above).
And so it is! Thanks for the update.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_softplaylists
Last post by fuffi -
As long as its a "patched" component, only the API Key changes, am I right?