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...and we are back

The datacenter we host with lost all network connectivity, including redundancies.

In the last 20 years we have nearly had a 100% uptime, once stung around 15 years ago when GoDaddy messed up their DNS servers, that was a 3-4 day outage from memory.

Then our previous datacenter, had 3 network connections, one was down for maintenance, a builder dug through one, leaving just one, and the datacenter cut through the working one thinking it was the damaged one, that was a 1 day outage also.

It happens, even to the best of them (a few days ago, Facebook lost their authentication servers).

Will work with the datacenter to understand why the redundancies failed over the next few days.

Re: ...and we are back

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Said builder being probably Manuel, whom Basil Fawlty sent to fix the faulty cable on Sybil's orders but he ended up digging thru the wrong one instead, lost in translation as usual.


It's great to have my regular HA fix - was going cold-turkey already.

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Re: ...and we are back

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Was there another glitch some 5-6 hours ago?
I couldn't access HA then.
Listen to the music, not the media it's on.
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Re: ...and we are back

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Not that we are aware of, that said on a Tuesday night there is a brief outage of HA, some kind of script running I believe which must do something.