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Information on Channel Downmixing


I was trying to explore the channel down mixer algorithm. I encountered with a problem.

I have a clip in which Center and LFE channel are present and if I want to play on the stereo headphones routing Center to one channel and LFE to another does not make sense. Is there any standard that specifies how the mixing can happen in this scenario?? If so can anyone of you please point me to that?


Information on Channel Downmixing

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What “channel down mixer algorithm”? Should we assume that you are referring to a component for foobar2000 and somehow missed the target of its entire subforum?

Information on Channel Downmixing

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Im looking into some IEEE papers for implementing same in matlab. Here in this subforum I see discussion on multichannel decoders like Dolby, DTS etc, I thought posting this topic might be advantageous.

Information on Channel Downmixing

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My mistake for assuming wrongly about the identity of the algorithm, and I have no problem with the content itself, but this ought to fit better in Movie/Multichannel Audio and didn’t warrant your posting a duplicate in any case.


Information on Channel Downmixing

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If you have a 5.1 channel soundcard, I beleive the center and LFE come out of the same 3.5mm connector.  In that case, you can just plug-in your head to that connector and you're done.

Or if this is a (non-encrypted) file on your computer, you can open the file in an audio editor (Audacity, Audition, etc.) and create a new stereo file edited & configured however you want.

FYI - A "normal" downmix does not include the LFE...  It just includes thenormal bass from the other 5 channels.

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