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"de-Neroizer" option proposal.

One of the most common "errors" from data images of Audio CD's is the addition of the 2 seconds between tracks, set up by "default" in almost any burning software.
Many users just don't check the "default" settings to secure perfect cloning. This becomes worst when the offset takes place on the burning so the 2 seconds (digital silence) are not just added at the end of tracks, which in the worst case might be removed by triming the 2 seconds on each track with an audio editor (tedious but possible).
The proposal for developers is:

- New triming option
- User can specify range of time/samples to be trimmed
- An algorithm finds equal digital silence gaps across tracks to determine the offset for trimming
- This algorithm can be used to prevent user of wrong range setting and for an "automatic" mode as well
- Of course, once the trimming takes place, the cue sheet should be perfectly corrected by the program

Too much magic I'm asking for?



"de-Neroizer" option proposal.

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Not quite sure what you're asking for here.  Sounds like you're looking for a tool to help ripping from a cloned CD/image that, due to other peoples ignorance, contains an extra 2 seconds of silence per track.

How exactly would this be useful?  If you're ripping your own CDs and know what you're doing, there should be no need for this.

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