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multi-channel audio playback... advice please!


I'm trying to find out how to play/output multi-channel audio (and can't find it through searching).

For example, I have 8 tracks of audio in Pro-Tools that I want to play through individual/independant speakers (in a live "sound installation").

So I need to know...

- is there software designed to playback/synchronise multiple channels of audio?
- if so, what hardware is required to do so? a breakout box, or something like that?

Any advice would be much appreciated!!!


multi-channel audio playback... advice please!

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I assume you can make a multichannel WAV file with Pro Tools???   

I don't know about 8 discrete channels...  6 channels shouldn't be a problem... The most common 7.1 channel configuration is Dolby EX which uses 6 separate discrete channels with two additional matrix encoded channels.  I think Blu-Ray supports 8 discrete channels, so if you have a 7.1 channel soundcard, you might be able to play an 8-channel WAV or FLAC file, but I just don't know....   

The audio file format should not be an issue.  Most audio formats (WAV, FLAC, AAC, AC3, etc.) support multichannel audio.  I don't know what the limits are, but from what I remember you can have many more than 8 channels with most of these formats. 

Mainly, it's a hardware & driver issue...  If you have a multichannel soundcard you should be able to play a multichannel audio file.    

Just to simplify things, lets say you want to play 5.1 channel surround sound.  First you need a 5.1 channel soundcard, and you need to make a single 5.1 channel WAV file (or FLAC, etc.).    Then, you should be able to play the file with Windows Media Player, Winamp, foobar2000, etc. 

Or, if you have a soundcard with an S/PDIF output, you can make a 5.1 channel AC3 file (or make a DVD) and play the multichannel audio through a home-theater receiver.

multi-channel audio playback... advice please!

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Hi, I usually use this:
X-spat player

You can also add more players link for 16, 24 channels in sync.



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