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File sharing

What kind of file sharing system do you use?

File sharing

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I use DC. Not sure if this thread is in compliance with the HA rules.

File sharing

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I haven't used filesharing for a very long time. The reason being the the quality (and I use the term loosely here) of the files you find there, captures the essence of shit so disturbingly well.

Just this afternoon I felt a compelling urge to listen to a song that I hadn't heard for years. I found number of different versions of it. Some Blade and Xing (Old). Some sounded like they had been dynamically compressed and some were just too painful to listen to. I finally settled with a 128 kbit/s Fhg encode, which was bearable, and decided to head for the local library at my earliest convenience.

I guess I've been spoiled by the quality of the LAME --alt-presets and MusePack.


I don't think this thread is in violation of the ToS, which states:

9. Links to copyrighted or illegal material, discussion containing information of how to obtain such material, bypass protection methodologies of such material, or otherwise violate laws pertaining to such matters, will not be tolerated.

Edit 2:

Okay, it might be actually.

File sharing

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Eeh, I don't think discussing about p2p is violating the ToS. P2P is not illegal per se. As long as you don't start discussing how to obtain copyrighted material directly, I think it's ok to discuss about p2p, for example in technical sense. I mean you can use your web browser to obtain copyrighted material as well, and it certainly isn't against the ToS to discuss about browsers here at off-topic forum.

Of course discussion for example about DC hubs spreading copyrighted material is not allowed. JensRex here started to go to the wrong direction..
Juha Laaksonheimo

File sharing

Reply #4 !!!

I heard that eDonkey/eMule is good (files are signed) but not tested.
BTW! Some normal, legal sites provide download links via eMule/eDonkey network!

File sharing

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all I will say is that emule is the best filesharing program available if you are concerned with quality.  Just don't expect kazaa speeds

File sharing

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I do very little p2p downloading these days, and for the life of me I just can't get WinMX to work with my router's firewall, so I go with Kazaa

File sharing

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My favorite P2P app and the only one I use at the moment is SoulSeek. I like its "community" spirit and the fact that most users have high quality (192Kbps and above) files. It's a paradise for lovers of dance music in particular and you can meet very interesting people in the chatrooms, and get to know about rare bootlegs, mixes etc. I've spent hours and hours learning about new djs, recent music trends and making Britney jokes
In my opinion it is what P2P was meant to be. Luckily, the Kazaa crowd hasn't heard about it yet, so the overall experience is great.
So much music, so little time...


File sharing

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Hmm, I'll let Dibrom decide whether this goes too far or not. Thread closed for now.
Juha Laaksonheimo

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