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"Fuck the Industry"

I hope this hasn't been posted yet...

Weiner considers the FTI campaign to be a success by his own standards. "The second our downloads started happening our sales went from 1,500 to 1,700 to 2,100 to 2,600 to 3,100" units per week, Weiner says. In round figures, sales of the album have doubled since the FTI campaign began. "We get calls, 'Hey, you guys are legitimately selling records, how are you doing it? I haven't seen your video, what are you guys doing?’ and I'm like, 'We're not doing it the traditional route, and it's working.'"

Good sales performance is one thing, though; maintaining it is another. "Now the question is, 'How do we utilize what we learned and continue to develop online?' That's the question that I'm asking myself right now. Every decision we make is kind of paving the path as we walk, because we really don't know." Besides questions about what his next move should be, Weiner also has an immediate need to pay the bills. "We're over 50,000 units sold, legitimate sales, and independently, that puts us in front of the game. We're doing better than our competition independently. Still not good enough to stay in business, though."

Perhaps it's not enough to stay in business for now, but if they broaden the available artists/genres, then I'm sure it's going to work a lot better... (Since I for example never listen to anything with hip-hop/rap/R&B... )

What do you think?

"Fuck the Industry"

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It seems that someone has finally seen the light 

File sharing can be seen as a natural extension of radio, where you can control what you listen to. There are still many advantages to cd's: convenience, durability, appearance. Why not be able to preview and then buy something 'value-added' if you like what you hear. A well-produced cd or dvd at a reasonable price is no competition to a bundle of mp3s if you're into the music. And if you're not, well its a good thing you didn't buy the cd anyway.

People will actually be able to experiment and choose better what music they like, rather than which has the highest advertising budget. Its all about a shift of power to individuals, and the labels have made a reflex grab action. Maybe they'll eventually start to take advantage of the new medium rather than making noise about it.

File sharing's a 'good thing' in my book 

"Fuck the Industry"

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If they release something they know will attract many people, and don't want to spend in excesive bandwidth usage, they should reseach this thing: BitTorrent.

In a few words: The more people downloading the same file, the faster it will download for everyone, and less bandwidth consumed from the original source. Yes, its a kind of simple peer to peer system, read about it, i am very impressed. Something like this may well be implemented everywhere very soon, don't miss it.

It's an open project, open sourced, btw.
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