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New HP 6940 Printer Question

I just got a new HP Deskjet 6940 and I've been printing a lot of CD inserts and trays. In comparing them to ones printed on my old Deskjet 960, the pictures are much better and the colors are much richer, but the text is noticeably less sharp and defined. Is this a problem with a lot of the new HPs?

New HP 6940 Printer Question

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Are you using the most recent drivers??   
Nov schmoz kapop.


New HP 6940 Printer Question

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It could be:
  • The ink that was included with it.
  • Your print quality settings used.
  • If it doesn't auto-align you may need to run the software to align it which will typically with most printers print out two sheets for aligning the ink cartridges.

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