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Topic: sto- i mean, homeless guy rant gen (Read 1274 times) previous topic - next topic
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sto- i mean, homeless guy rant gen

hmm, just remembered a thing I made earlier this year. Thought I'd share it with HA.

You see the latest phrase in the "story" only, you add another line. You can't see any further back. After 50 phrases, it displays the result, archives it, and starts a new one. The results are sometimes... demented.

"It wasn't me," he said.
"But what has that got to do with my broken refrigerator?" asked Sheryl Crow.
"Nothing," said the disembodied head of Colonel Sanders. "I just like hearing it from time to time."


Then he took a bite out of banana and yelled "Y BANANA TASTE FUNY?"
err... i'm not using windows any more ;)

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