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Hi, I use eac for all my music (cd's are packed away! =D) but i use cover_artist and track_artist as tags in all my music... (wavpack)

at the moment i use various artist and then assign those to the track artist tag of mine for the wavpack file but i was wondering if i could use the comment thing %e for the cover artist? where can you write a comment per cd???? is that the extended cd information thing??

edit.  Well i figured this out.  But what i am trying to do is be able to within EAC set the tags so i don't have to go through after i rip the cd and change everything just because the flags arn't in EAC... now if it let me change the word "VARIOUS" when using various artist it would be fine because i could use track artist for track artist and the cd artist for cover artist...

anyone know of a way to do this??

thanks guys!


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