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Triallian .dll Loaded By Other Net Applications

Trillian - a well known free multi-protocol Instant Messaging client software.

I just installed the 0.74 version just to check it out (I use PSi normally). After launching Trillian I decided to start DC++ and this came up from my CyGate personal firewall! I started Mozilla and I receive the same warning - a trillian .dll loaded.

Any ideas? Spyware, or something with a good purpose?

Triallian .dll Loaded By Other Net Applications

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Trillian has a (stupid in my opinion) feature of capturing addresses of web sites that you visit. Maybe this could be the explanation. OR, since it has a feature of sending usage statistics to the developers' server (which can also be turned off) the dll is loaded. However i'm not sure at all any of these two reasons are the cause.


Triallian .dll Loaded By Other Net Applications

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I wonder why is it triggered by DC++...

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