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I've been following Ninjai since 2001.
I think it's great.
Please, no comments on poor audio quality, i know the Flash audio doesn't sound very good at all , however they definately manage to get the most out of the format.

Ninjai is great. Visit the site.
I give you direct links to the Flash files so that you will be able to conveniently download the movies and watch them from your HD any time you wish.
DO visit the site though, it's worth it.

Right click and save.
If you're having any problems, use a download manager.

Trailer 2212KB
Chapter 1 5111KB
Chapter 2 5772KB
Chapter 3 4637KB
Chapter 4 3944KB
Chapter 5 7368KB
Chapter 6 9273KB
Chapter 7 8253KB
Chapter 8 16459KB

To those of you who might be unfamilliar with swf files, you can view them simply by dragging a file onto a browser window (if you have Flash installed) or you can view them using a Flash player.

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