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Need some help here!

I'm sorry for posting this here, but I'm hoping there are some knowledgeable people here.

I tried posting on the hardware section on the r3mix forum, but for some strange reason I'm unable to post there. First it says

"Hey, kjempen, you have 0 messages."

when I log in, and then, when I try to post anything, I get this message:

"An Error Has Occured!

To post you must be logged in if you don't have an account yet register." :confused:

Oh well, back to the real problem I need help for, namely my newly-acquired DVD-ROM. I used to be able to rip music with my old DVD-ROM using programs such as Audiograbber, Exact Audio Copy etc. but lately I haven't been using it that much for ripping. So today I was going to try to rip some music with the new DVD-ROM, but alas, the drive isn't selectable from any audio ripping programs, nor from the Drive Region Info v1.1 program? I'm wondering what the hell has happened? As far as I know, I did the replacement procedure correctly (removed the old drive from Device Manager before actually replacing the DVD-ROM). Then I installed the drivers that Windows XP asked for (located on the Win XP CD-ROM). Everything seemed fine (plays DVD movies ok, reads data discs ok, & even audio discs ok) until I tried the programs mentioned above, and I am left unable to rip any music (unless, of course, I connect a CD-player to the optical line-in of my soundcard)  .

So I'm wondering if it could be that the drivers are messed up in some way, or perhaps the fact that I have installed Easy CD Creator not too long ago may have had some effect on the DVD-ROM's functionality? I tried to remove it, but it didn't help, still have the problem. I have also tried firmware upgrade, but that didn't help either; plus, I have also looked for drivers, but all I can find is MS-DOS drivers (don't think that's going to work with Windows XP).

Please let me know if there is any solution to my problem, or if there's somewhere/someone I can turn to for help!

PS! The DVD-ROM in question is a Pioneer DVD-116 (IDE)

EDIT: Ok, I've solved the problem with the r3mix forum so I've posted it there too. Disregard this post/thread if no-one has valuable input on this.

Need some help here!

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Sounds like maybe a problem with your ASPI layer or something maybe.

Check if EAC is setup to use ASPI or the native Win2k interface.. if its not set to native Win2k, try that.  If that doesn't work maybe you should try that VOB aspi or whatever it's called.. theres some information about it in the EAC docs or something I think.


Need some help here!

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Thank you very, very, very much Dib!

It seemed to do the trick.

Damn, and I was starting to think of formatting my hard disk and reinstalling everything... Phew, glad I didn't resort to such drastic measures.

Guess the ASPI-driver had to do with me having Easy CD Creator installed and with the ASPI being (possibly) corrupt in some way (and then later gone) it caused that problem for me.

I will try that VOB software though (since some software require ASPI-drivers, like ClonyXL)...

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