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humor: fake n00b posts

subj: hi, im n00b to lame mp3 enocder
Gr33tz =)

I am new to making MP3 flies and recently I heard of Lame. I decided to convert my Mp3s that I downloaded from Kazaa Gold to wave files and encode with the recomended -alt-preset standard Lame setting. I noticed how much crisper the highs were and low end had more punch. It is like a Christmas present on my computer! Truly amazing! The sound was so much better that I didn't have to do any blind testing, it sounded that much better. I worked at several live concerts and can hear all the way up 22155Hz with my Sherwood integrated amplifier, no problem! A lot of people in the music biz depend on my ears and I have been known to using pink noise to manually adjust the sound levels at the board thru Mackie aplified speakers.

Now I'm off to do more encoding with Lame thanks to that one guy who made Mp3 better!

great news! a step-by-step guide to hi quality conversions between musepakk to mp3!
Hi ppls!

I wanted to share my own pesonally developed invention of coverting the mostly unsupported musepack format to the more listenable mp3s. These mp3 can be played back on widely recognized players like iTunes and harware like the GPX-5k2.3!

a) Take an editor like Audition and open all the mpc files you want to convert by pasting them end-to-end. !!This is important since it will insure perfectly gapless playback!!

b) burn to CD (make sure replaingain is turned off or the quality will be degraded from transvolume adjustments).

c) rip with EAC to WAV + Cuesheet (Use burst mode which will skip over all the errors that reduce the quality of the extraction speed)

d) mount image with fb2k or virtual deamon. !!This is imporatant in order to get 1:1 copies without offset errors!!

e) convert to mp3 using custom lame commandline:
LAME -V4 -B 128 -b 256 --bitwidth 18 -F -f --id3v2-only -k --lowpass 22500 -m s --noasm --noreplaygain --noshort -o --resample 48000 --scale 1.0 -t -Y

f) halve phun
"Something bothering you, Mister Spock?"

humor: fake n00b posts

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Whoever here that was never a newbie can throw the first stone...

humor: fake n00b posts

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[span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%']oops, got Roberto's attention...
I should've prefeaced this with, "Hey guys, I deal with enough of others' audio technical garbage that my escape hatch was making up my own nonsense. That, and it's also because was a fan of Douglas Adams' humor in his technical explainations."[/span]

My point(lessness) of starting such a thread was to provoke those who are truer comedians than I'll ever be to add some funnies. Example, this "reply" that I wrote in response to the "n00b" in the first post:

re: u r bulsiht
Greetings sir/madam:

You seem to know nothing about lame. When you claim that there is one person who programmed it it seems you realize there are are actually TWO people who do the fine work. If you had read the help screen you'll notice vbr-old and vbr-new are two entirely different pricipals. You don't get that kind of diversity from one man.

Second, you claim musepakc is unsupported. If you were a true fan of music audio you would see that SV8 is just on the horizon. In fact, somebody was just talking about the other day, so there you go.

Third, your custom LAME commandline is nowhere near as good as mine-- I'll abide by everything except I use --bitwidth 24 and --resample 99600 for superior sound. But since I am rich enough to afford Hafler pre-built amplifiers powering Polk Audio speakers, I imagine you're missing out on more than you'll ever know.

Do some more reading and grow up before posing again.

Timothy Kapliner
---LatexAudio president
---"Sounds Smoother than a Birthdaysuit"
"Something bothering you, Mister Spock?"

humor: fake n00b posts

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...i don't get the purpose of this thread...

humor: fake n00b posts

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Whoever here that was never a newbie can throw the first stone...
[a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=307636"][{POST_SNAPBACK}][/a]

I never thought 128kbps mp3 was even near CD quality. (That's the usual newbie "mistake" isn't it? Believing things sound fine when they're not - I never did that).

However, I did spend a month(!!!) trying to make a drive rip without glitches in burst mode by ripping several times and sticking all the good parts together in Cool Edit to get a glitch-free copy!     


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