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Helping creating AMR-WB sample files

Hi there, guys !

    I need to create some AMR-WB sample files for testing purposes on cell phones and I wanna know if someone here could help me with a encoding tool to make the samples. I have two files called AMR-WB_23-85kbps_16kHz_Mono_amr.amr and AMR-WB_23-85kbps_16kHz_Mono_mp4.mp4. They both are coded in AMR-WB, but I need to code others with the following extensions: m4a, mp4a and 3ga. The bit rates shall be 6.6 and 15kbps.  Any enconding tool(s)  out there capable to help me ? What I exactly need is a program that allow me to convert the 23.85kbps .mp4 or .amr  I already have to .m4a, mp4a and .3ga with bit rates of 6.6kbps and 15kbps. If someone can help me with this it would be really appreciated.

Thank you very much and best regards !


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