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Album art with AAC

anyway to punch in a command line code to have it so that when you pop a cd in iTunes and hit import, it imports the art automagically (as it automagically retrieves cd info from gracenote cddb)? this would be a wonderful implementation for lazy bums, like me

Album art with AAC

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If you're using a Mac, there's a lot of software that will go through your iTunes library and grab artwork for all your songs.  Check

Album art with AAC

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If you are using a PC there are two solutions for you:

iTunes Art Importer will search and add cover art images to selected songs in iTunes.

Album Art Cover Downloader will search,,, and Yahoo Images for cover art.  It does not support adding album art directly to AAC files but you can specify a folder to save the album art it gets to so that you can easily drag those files into iTunes and add the album art to your AAC files.

Album art with AAC

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Yeah i know of these programs, and I have windows, but I was wondering if there were any implementations of having it integrated upon rip (automatic).

Guess not though, thanks anyway


Album art with AAC

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iTunes 5 will probably support VB scripting like QT7, so features like these should be easy to add then.

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