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Sync problems with Ogg in AVIs

I guess most of you know the problem already.

A lot of us DivX encoders would really like to use Ogg more often in our movies but there is still this annoying sync problem, very likely caused by the DirectShowFilter. Any news here ?

Sync problems with Ogg in AVIs

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Hrmm... ogg in divx sounds like a cool idea actually.  I would like to know more about this whole situation myself..

I think Nic is working on an AAC directshow filter and is kind of interested in Vorbis, maybe he would have some ideas here..

Sync problems with Ogg in AVIs

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Ingo Ralf Blum is the guy to talk to and he is already a member so maybe he'll get back to us I hope!



Sync problems with Ogg in AVIs

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Nando, the coder of nandub included the possibility to mux Ogg soundstreams into DivX AVIs before he disappeared ( download Nandub RC2 from ) , but this was for Ogg RC1 and doesnt work for RC2, right ?

I remember somebody was posting in the DivX foruams he found a workaround by exchanging Nandub's Ogg.dll against some newer version, but cant remember exactly what he did.

But this leaves us still with the DirectShowFilter problem for playback. Any ideas ?

Sync problems with Ogg in AVIs

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Why not help with muxing AAC streams in AVIs?

Sync problems with Ogg in AVIs

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Guys, this is really too much at a time !!!

First, i had no idea that someone is working on a new way of muxing Ogg into AVIs. If this takes some time and the final result is a good solution i'm your man and would like to support you in any possible way ( I'm not a coder : beta testing, organizing, advertsing, etc. ).

DivX Networks are really very very interested in Ogg working in AVIs because right now they dont have any audio codec that can be used freely with their DivX4 codec. I may suggest that if you come up with a good solution they might even consider paying you for that. I'll ask Betaboy about it.

Second, concerning AAC in AVIs . If you guys could help Nic ( his Direct Show Filter for playback is already done as a first version ) in finding a way how to mux AAC into AVIs that would really be excellent !!!

Nic is a coder and would like to look at that, but he doesnt know how to start and Nando has disappeared competely, so i am more than happy to hear you were the one giving him the stuff he needed.

Ingo, you're our man !!!! Please check out this thread in the AAC section : .

Sync problems with Ogg in AVIs

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I've just started a new job so I have so little time right now. I hope Ingo does continue his project and get Vorbis mux'ing properly and so forth.But I know the kind of problems he's going to have....


Sync problems with Ogg in AVIs

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Happy to hear you do have a new job, Nic.
Sorry to hear it doesnt leave you with some time to invest into this interesting project.

Ingo, if you want or need support, what form of support would you exspect ? I may try to ask other coders whether they can assist or not. Please respond if you want me to help.

Sync problems with Ogg in AVIs

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Yeah I can't wait. But in the mean time I will use the swapped out Nandub DLL method I discovered. I am on the edge of my seat awaiting both fronts. The RC3 or 1.0 encoder and good directshow filters to go with it.  Also I have run my AVI with Vorbis audio under Linux  with the native binaries and it works great! Now if only someone could come up with a good linux divx player that used the native binaries!

Sync problems with Ogg in AVIs

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Neo, great to meet you here !!!

You're really the only one wo managed to get Ogg RC2 soundstreams to work in DivX AVIs .....

Sync problems with Ogg in AVIs

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I have wandered through here a couple of times before and read the posts. Not the most active board and I am having real problems contacting the server tonight. Every other page load the server can not be found. But there have been several posts by notable programmers including Jack Moffet, Ingo Rafblum, and more. Thought I would speak my peace. I am suprised to find that I am the only person who has done it. I guess I just love Vorbis  that much.

Sync problems with Ogg in AVIs

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... we maybe get some help from Avery himself ... let's hope !!

Sync problems with Ogg in AVIs

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..... sorry to say Avery didn't find the time to answer  ...

I contacted Edwin van Eggelen about it he's a real expert in frameserving and AVI creation, i was asking him about some sources and stuff as support for poor Nic    ... lets see if he finds the time to answer !

Its really a bit annoying, there is so much going on with Ogg for the moment, even latest RC3 is available as .dll now thanks to John33 , and there is still no good way to use it in DivX movies    ....

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