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heritage preserving....

I've written some mails to UNESCO about their heritage preserving works.
I once asked them about the music heritage preserving works, and they said that they have a work group preserving music heritage, but i've been searching for the group's website and i haven't found it yet.
Does anyone know about the preserving works?

I think our music should be preserved into databases in analog and digital forms as possible, and allow our childrens can have these records, and so are those geological, historical, literary, and cultural, etc.
How do you think?
I think doing these works can make up a database as the one in Star Trek, allow people to know everything is and was in the world.

But these kind of works requires a lot of people, equipments, and money supports....I think there isn't any singal nation can support all these, is there any?
Although i've never been to U.S. congress library, I think they have a lot of things in good protections.

Do you have any more information about preserving works?
I would love to know more.

heritage preserving....

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The US Library of Congress has an extensive collection of "folk" music and music of America.  You might be able to locate some of this with a search of the library.  Alan Lomax recorded much music of Americana in the thirties and forties and possibly into the fifties.

Down Home Music in El Cerrito is a great source for blues/roots type music.  BB King is alleged to have spent $1,500 on sides while shopping there.  Chris Strachowitz who owns and runs Down Home and the Arhoolie records label is an avid collector of US roots music.   
Nov schmoz kapop.

heritage preserving....

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But i hope there can be an organization working like a library, but they preserve music records instead of books....
I know congress library has quite a lot of records of the U.S., but I hope the organization can preserve the music of human cultures, from folk music to classical music and to modern music.

Are there any organizations besides a group of UNESCO doing these kind of things...

I know getting a group preserving the music all over the world is quite impossible, but at least i hope the group can release some standards and makes associations with libraries or groups all over the world; with the standards, those libraries and groups can follow it to preserve records in there own country.

How do you think about it??

heritage preserving....

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I looked into this awhile back when I found some old recordings my grandfather had. Some interesting stuff. Here's a link to Stanford University site that has links to technical details and organizations that deal with audio preservation.


heritage preserving....

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But i hope there can be an organization working like a library, but they preserve music records instead of books....

Yes of course...

[a href="][/url]

As for standards - though some libraries have digitisation projects, most currently just try to keep the originals as carefully as possible. There's a long history of duplicates becoming useless or out-of-date long before the originals have come to any harm. Also, a digitisation project would cost far too much. It may happen one day, but most libraries can barely afford the work they are doing to collect and preserve originals.

There's also the danger that, once someone decides that it's time to make digital copies of everything, the originals are junked. A bit like newspapers and microfilm - see Double Fold by Nicholson Baker.

You might also be interested in Project Gramophone (google for it).


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