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Topic: damn my none-standard code...HELP!!! (Read 2266 times) previous topic - next topic
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damn my none-standard code...HELP!!!

when I created my website I remembered from old times the code: BGPROPERTIES="fixed"

This is not standard and therefore only useable in EI I found just now.
It is suppose to make the background stay when you scroll.
So I ask: does anyone know what the hell I can use to replace this so it can work in all browsers?

thanks and regards,

damn my none-standard code...HELP!!!

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that seemed to do the trick.


damn my none-standard code...HELP!!!

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Yeah.. I'd personally really highly suggest you use CSS for all your layout stuff now, like with this background property.  Not only does it let you do more than many of the old formatting tags, but it can also save quite a bit of bandwidth by cutting down on the amount of code needed.  Plus it's easier to read/write/use.  If you plan to use XHTML (recommended), I believe CSS is required.

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