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Psytel AAC encoder 3.01

Psytel aac encoder version 3.01 is released

- Main profile fixed (should result in increased Quality/bitrate)
- Better block size switching (less pre-echo artifacts)
- Support input of 24bit int and 32bit float
- Few bug fixes
- Experimental AC3 -> AAC 5.1 Direct transcoding based on A52(consider this very beta)

The new block swithing method is co-developed by "Ivan" and a Urkranium audio scientist named "loof slirpa"

The binaries can be found here
Sven Bent - Denmark

Psytel AAC encoder 3.01

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Hi sven this link is no work... You tested this enc????:confused:

Psytel AAC encoder 3.01

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read the last part backwards...

Psytel AAC encoder 3.01

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yes i tested this and i can tell so far that the AC3 to aac encoding is faulty.
There is something wrong with the back channels
Using azid and encoding tih aacenc does not have this artifact.

However the Generel quality seems somehow lower.
maybe ivan is duing some magic in his encoder for not losing quality due to transcoding.
He just need to fix the back channels issue.


spamh and fatboyt compressed much better now around 30-40kbits smaller and sligthly better quality
Sven Bent - Denmark

Psytel AAC encoder 3.01

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April First.

Psytel AAC encoder 3.01

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 Hahahahaha 1st april is super i trust it..........

Psytel AAC encoder 3.01

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At least, Sven didn't post as a news thread.

Psytel AAC encoder 3.01

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oohh and now you ruined the surprise 

Ýou could have waited until tommorow..just to se how many wouldn't have figured it out

Funny parts  is that i made the exact same joke last year at

so..there is no psytel AAC encoder 3.01..yet
but damn it had some nice improvements

Sven Bent - Denmark

Psytel AAC encoder 3.01

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Psytel AACenc 3.01 has CD quality at 20kbps!!!

I tested it! It's true!

P4n05 said so.


Psytel AAC encoder 3.01

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Hi This Enc very slow!!! 0,5x my athlon 950Mhz.
Thanks for youre received binary in my e-mail...
And my winamp crash in 1 minute track playing this file.I tested old winamp binary based on FAAD 0.6 and works fine.

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