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EISA Fat Partition?

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop and was about to repartition it so I can put linux on it.  It came preinstalled with XP Home.

My question is with regards to this 40 MB FAT partition that at the start.  It doesnt come up as a drive and the Disk Manager says its for EISA.  Anyway, being an compression guy, I wanted to remove this redundancy and deleted it, merging it into my main NTFS partition. 

But I was curious as to why this partition is there and was it a good idea for me to delete it.  If I needed it, its still early now and I can repartition it again.



EISA Fat Partition?

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It's a DELL specific thing, they put some restore information there. I think they can repair a messed up installation easier this way. Anyhow, it's safe to kill that partition, if you know how to help yourself when there are problems with your OS.

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