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Topic: [Feature Request] "Are You Sure?"-Warning for deleting TuneFUSION Library  (Read 171 times) previous topic - next topic
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[Feature Request] "Are You Sure?"-Warning for deleting TuneFUSION Library

I would greatly appreciate a basic, "Are you sure you want to delete your TuneFUSION Library? This cannot be undone" confirmation-step when removing a phone pairing.

I have to constantly add and remove my iPhone's pairing to TuneFUSION to get a consistent sync (don't know why, sometimes certain files are stubborn), and now twice I have accidentally left the "Remove old TuneFUSION Library" switch ticked, and BOOM, in an instant; GIGABYTES of music is gone. 

Waiting for my phone to re-sync my entire library eats up an entire afternoon, this is insanely frustrating for what seems like such a simple fix.

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