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Running an Active Sub with an amped DVD player


I have a Sony DAVS 400 DVD/5.1 Surround system, and although it sounds kinda nice, as the sub is passive, there isnt enough bass for my liking.

Is it possible to buy an active sub and connect it to the sub output on the dvd player? I think the sub is 100 watts (although i dont think thats the RMS)

I would try it but I dont want to blow up the DVD player or sub!

Any help would be nice!



Running an Active Sub with an amped DVD player

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Seeing as no one has answered your question, I'll tell you my best guess: It should be possible.

I can't find your system specs online (with a quick google search), but powered subs are usually quite robust.  With speakers, it's a good idea to make sure that the speaker has a higher impedence than the receiver/amplifier, but this isn't always relevant with a sub. I'm not sure what the consequences would be if you failed to get speakers of the proper impedence.

Good Luck.


Running an Active Sub with an amped DVD player

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Passive sub would mean that it has its own amplifier outside of the subwoffer's box

Anyway, there is no problem to connect an active sub to the line-level out for the sub (RCA) from your DVD player (or your receiver if it doesn't have one).

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