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FreeBurn: Project Manager needed!

Okay folks, FreeBurn was originally conceived as a Windows-based dual-GUI for Jörg Schilling's CDRTools ( and for CDRDAO ( The originator mapped out the projected development of the frontend, and posted one initial release (which has been withdrawn, since he later changed the focus to development for GNOME instead of Windows). But now he's been forced to drop development altogether, because of other necessary priorities.

  So... Aschlag (the developer) would like to pass the project off to a knowledgeable programmer. Personally, I'd love it if the new head would reinstate the Windows port (since there is currently no GUI for both of the mentioned programs on the Windows platform, and there are already several for Linux systems), but for anything to happen with it someone needs to step up and volunteer to continue. I don't know how to program, or I would. If anyone reading this does know how, and would like a good free GUI for both CDRTools and CDRDAO, please visit the FreeBurn page and let Aschlag know.

  You can find FreeBurn here:

  Thank you!
    - M.

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