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MP3 Lyrics3 tag remover: rmlyrics3

After having no ID3v1 tags for more than 15 years now, I finally got fed up with about 1,500 MP3 files in my collection still having Lyrics3 tags, and invalid ones, too: As per Lyrics3 and Lyrics3v2 specs, a Lyrics3 tag comes after the audio data and MUST have an ID3v1 tag following it.

Before ID3v2 came around, Lyrics3 and Lyrics3v2 surely had their uses (extending the 30-char limit, placing synced lyrics), but nowadays they are a nuisance for most of us. Plus, we have the lyrics frames USLT and SYLT in ID3v2.

Most tagging software silently keeps Lyrics3 tags, even when removing ID3v1 tags, and there is almost no support out there for removing these ancient tag types, apart from using Mp3tag and doing a brute-force "remove all tags" and then undoing that.

So I finally went and made rmlyrics3, a MP3 Lyrics3 tag remover, written in Python and thus (hopefully) cross-platform. The program is free and open source software, available at

I’ve been using it to remove all Lyrics3 tags on MP3 files in my collection of some 150,000 tracks, and it worked just fine.
YMMV and I give no guarantees, so please have a backup before trying this out. Please comment and report any bugs.

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