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LAME and Android

Yeah, Been away for quite some time since many of my questions and concerns have been googled and positively returned results in here. But with this case I haven't found an answer yet.

Does anyone know of an Android app that can handle audio conversion to MP3, preferably using the LAME encoder?

Basically is that I capture voice recordings using "Easy Voice Recorder" and I'd love to do some conversion to MP3 using the smartphone (and the smartphone alone) when necessary. I've tested LAME4Android but it seems that the project has been abandoned; besides, I never had success with that because it was never able to open the files for conversion. Personally I need one that can use the VBR presets and/or allows me to specify parameters as required. The app can be paid as well.

Be blessed. Thanks in advance for your reply.




Re: LAME and Android

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It's necroposting, I know. But the reason I dug this up is  the blatant  lack of good offerings for mobile platforms, in terms of proper  LAME-MP3 conversion along these years.

By "proper conversion" I mean one that  more or less ticks the boxes required by the OP.

So, the only Android app I found after a rather exhaustive search, which required me to install and immediately uninstall quite a few of those,  has been so far this app, which, though working with presets, at least when it comes to MP3, allows you to set a target bitrate and yes, it uses LAME (libMP3Lame) for that purpose.

So I'd bet a kidney the aforementioned bitrate ranges are based on our well known LAME quality settings.
I confirmed it as being LAME encoding (3.99.5) by using this other app, BTW, so as I could carry on using my phone exclusively, to make sure the enconding process had gone as expected.

Some my be wondering why going to all this trouble, while all this can be easily done on a PC/Mac:
besides the use detailed by the OP, my own personal use has been converting some lossless bootlegs I download while on the go and convert them later, for saving up space.

Your mileage may vary, of course.

I think any other app suggestion will be more than welcomed, naturally.
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