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How to install new LAME version?

I apparently have an ancient one installed. I see there is one fairly new one one the rarewares site (3.100).
How do i install this? Just copy the exe & dll on the relevant directory?

Also, does the "Free encoder pack" contain up-to-date versions? Should i install it from there instead?

Re: How to install new LAME version?

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Free Encoder Pack v2018-05-22 includes LAME 3.100, so that would be your easiest choice.

But you can use any EXE you want, just create a new converter profile poiting to it + a valid command, like this (320kbps CBR)
-b 320 -q 0 --silent --noreplaygain - %d

Re: How to install new LAME version?

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OK, i just installed "Free Encoder Pack 2018-05-22" . Now my foobar directory has the "encoders" folder plus the old LAME folder i had created years ago. Will foobar automatically go for the LAME in the encoders folder?

Re: How to install new LAME version?

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I'm not sure actually. Encode a file, open it with foobar2000 afterwards. It will say which encoder was used.

Re: How to install new LAME version?

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I deleted the original folder and foobar defaulted to the encoders one. Thanks!

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