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Topic: "Audiophiles" and "tr00 gam3rz" - anyone see the p (Read 4102 times) previous topic - next topic
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"Audiophiles" and "tr00 gam3rz" - anyone see the p

I've been thinking about this. Just as many audiophiles seem to be more into listening to their equipment rather than to the music itself, many "gamers" seem to be more into making ridiculous benchmarks on their overpriced machines rather than actually playing games. Most of them will swear how they can ALWAYS tell 60 fps from 100 fps or 100 fps from 300 fps (even if it ridiculously exceeds the refresh rate on their monitors and actually causes horrible tearing). And just like audiophiles who swear "128 kbps is UNLISTENABLE, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP" probably fail a blind test of lossless vs 128 kbps mp3 these people would probably fail a blind test of 30 fps vs 60 fps, let alone higher framerates. They will link you to "side by side" comparisions that have zero scientific value as you already start with a placebo effect knowing which side is which. Does anyone see the parallels?

EDIT - the system cut off the name of this thread, it should have been "Audiophiles" and "tr00 gam3rz" - anyone see the parallels?

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