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Title: Problem with opening AC3 file in Audition
Post by: Anakunda on 2011-09-04 21:16:46
Hello, I need help. I can't open AC3 audio in Audition.  The original is 6channels AC3 over 2hr30m long. As this is AC3 which I have problem to open in Audition directly I had 1st convert it to WAV. Done it sucecssfully with foobar2000 which gave me WAV file about 5GB big. In media info everything seems as should be, the length matches AC3 original. But when I try to open it in Audition I get some warning on open, the file loads then but is only 2h4m long. I guess this is due to 4GB limitation which Audition can have as it is 32bit application. I have tried to avoid this limitation by converting the WAV onto FLAC, then opening in Audition but suddenly I get some error on FLAC conversion too (probably FLAC struggles with the 4GB limitation too). Sooooo, I need some workaround, how to open this big audio file in Audition. Maybe ther's a tool that can accurately cut the biggy WAV into more shorter pieces? I feel I need something like that...Or any way to load the big audio into Audition.

Using Audition CS5.5 on Win7-64
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