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Title: Legal issues discussion
Post by: PatchWorKs on 2002-08-23 14:53:39
Last days (last years, to me) we had many discussions around the software legal aspects, so I decided to make some researches on the net.

I found some interesting articles:

Chaining Open Source Software: The Case Against Software Patents (http://lpf.ai.mit.edu/Patents/chaining-oss.html)

MPEG-related patents on compression of acoustic data (http://swpat.ffii.org/patents/effects/mpeg/index.en.html)

GPL Tested in Court (http://www.oreillynet.com/cs/weblog/view/wlg/1168)

Old but  interesting discussion "How do you guys deal with the MPEG-4 licensing issues ?" (http://forums.projectmayo.com/viewtopic.php?topic=2964&forum=23)

Another one... (http://lists.m4if.org/pipermail/discuss/2002-March.txt)

Comments are welcome !
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