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Title: Strange sound, UK , MTV2, SKY and NTL
Post by: kritip on 2002-04-03 13:15:11
Anyone else noticed that high pitch 'pst' sound which is continually and randomly being transmitted on MTV2 recently.

I am from the UK and i notice it, not only on SKY digital but also on NTL digital so its not any kind of interference.

It's damn annoying to me, but my sister didn't even notice it for a couple of hours after i mentioed it.

I guess its so that people don't start coying the broacasts for other listening, but  if it continues i won't be listening to MTV2 at all!

Can anyone else confirm they have noticed it on MTV2 or any other channels, and its not just me and a high continual intake of coffe 

Kristian Tippins
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