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Title: Preserve Date Modified of original WAV when converting .WAV to FLAC?
Post by: PaciPag on 2021-03-06 16:19:45

Been poking around Google for an answer, but found no worthwhile results, so I figured if anyone knew, this would be the place to go :D

I have a large amount of .WAVs I want to convert to FLAC for all the obvious reasons.

However, the Date Modified of these .WAVs is pretty important to me for cross-referencing purposes.

Is there any way of ensuring the new FLACs will inherit the Date Modified?

I get the feeling there's probably a way to add a "Date Modified" tag to the .WAVs and populate it from the actual file attributes, and then have that carry over to the .FLACs, but this wouldn't be displayed in file browsers, so it's not really my first choice.

Even if the .FLAC encoder itself doesn't offer this functionality, does anyone know of any external solutions that could read from a text-file or somesuch? (Changing each file one at a time is not an option, haha)

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out with this :)

EDIT: Well damn it all, I found that .FLAC FrontEnd actually does this by default. My next quest is to figure out why the foobar2000 Converter doesn't - once I do, I'll just post it here, so maybe the next idiot in my shoes will get a little love from Google.
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