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Title: Play subsequent folders
Post by: Effendi on 2021-01-31 15:59:50
Is there a way to make foobar to play subsequent folders? Now, when I choose a file to play from a folder, it stops at the end of it. I prefer desktop version's bahavior - playing through whole folder tree. Can't find any setting to toggle.
Title: Re: Play subsequent folders
Post by: wvheaven on 2021-03-17 18:52:28
I have a related question- how many files can be in each folder, meaning, is their a limit on the number of tracks foobar will play from a single folder.
Title: Re: Play subsequent folders
Post by: BillyBuerger on 2021-07-17 18:12:46
I'm looking for this same thing.  I want to have my music organized by folder as that's how I will normally play it.  But I don't want to have to manually go to the next folder each time one is finished.  Just hit play on the current folder and let it continue to play through each folder one after the other.  I've found maybe one other media player that looks like it might work.  But I would prefer to use foobar if I can.
Title: Re: Play subsequent folders
Post by: wvheaven on 2021-07-18 03:18:25
My music is also arranged by folder and foobar plays all the subfolders in whatever folder I ask it to play.   My organization is artist with subfolders for each album.  I've also placed all the artists in master folders by genre- rock, bluegrass, motown, reggae etc.  Pretty easy to have it play for hours by just loading a genre.  It's also trivial to create playlists adding a folder  (with all subfolders) at a time.  Overall I have nearly 2500 directories (folders) with 23,920 files- just over 1 tB of mostly high-res.  Foobar has never even blinked at everything I've thrown at it.  Haven't tried the entire collection, but it loads various genre folders in under a minute and never hiccups however I ask to have it played.  Hands down the best computer based player I've found.  Much of my music is untagged as it's been captured from vinyl so the folder/file organization is critical to being able to find things.  Hope this helps.
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