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Title: speex for mac?
Post by: alpha3on on 2003-07-11 12:59:29

Is anyone aware of an easy to use player for speex files (spx) on the Mac platform (MacOS9 and/or MacOSX). I've seen the qtcomponents site with support for speex which should enable iTunes to play them - but it doesn't seem to have binaries. 

Title: speex for mac?
Post by: vrykolaka on 2003-12-15 02:28:33
I would be interested in an answer too (Mac OS X only). I do not need real-time, I only want to compress Streamed Real Audio to something else.

So far, I found Qualcomm PureVoiceâ„¢ (included in QuickTime Pro 6.4) that compresses really well (a bit better than what I should expect from a Real Audio file and five times better than Vorbis quality 0.1 at half-rate,) but with a significant quality loss : it sounds like you grandparent's radio. It is acceptable to me regarding the compression ratio (1 hour and 22 minutes for 5.5 Meg instead of 418 Meg from the original 44K/16KHz/mono AIFF file)

If you cannot stand that quality, take the Vorbis route (quality 0.1 is enough for headphone, you may choose quality 2 for deluxe speakers, don't know) thank to the Ogg plugin for iTunes.
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