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Title: Best practive to reeendoce previously 64k speech/music audiobook (Audi
Post by: encoder on 2014-02-19 22:44:34
Let's say I have an original 64k Audible file (we are not sure if it is an MP3 or AAC in it). eMusic uses 64k MP3s.

I can legally extract the audio out of it by various means; I get a WAV. What is the best method to reencode this WAV not to waste that much space on my MP3 player but also does not sound like cr*p?

I have found anything below 64k (Audible 'Enhanced') sounds cr*p.

Strangely, Audible also offers some meditation music, poems with a musical background also as audiobooks, encoded maximum at 64k. Should I reendoce them differently than strictly speech audios?
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