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Opus / Re: Opus and replay gain
Last post by lithopsian -
Its a Q7.8 value in dB :)  Which is 16 bits (signed), hence an integer in the range -32768 to 32767.  The dB is assumed and not present in the encoding, only the number.  The integer can be converted back to dB by dividing by 256 (ie. shifting by 8 bits).
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by 3dyd -
For some reason I can't update LAV filters and VSFIlter anymore through foo_youtube: `Check for updates` and `Download` both result in `Feature not implemented` message.
Thank you. Should be fixed now in beta3.

Could you check if 2.3.4 takes the same time to start? Because for me it takes not that much time, and changes in 2.3.5 are not supposed to affect this.
Opus / Re: Opus and replay gain
Last post by Jebus -
Ugh, i'm still confused about the format of these tags.

According to the RFC, its a Q7.8 value in DB similar to ReplayGain (as Garf stated, ReplayGain - 5). Except then they say (in the next paragraph) that its a maximum 6 character, 16-bit integer with no "dB" in it (i'm assuming its a scalefactor not in dB at all). Which the hell is it??
General - (fb2k) / Re: Need data string for library stats...
Last post by jazzthieve -
Setup 1 gives you the total amount of albums next to the node as long as %album% tag field is filled in.  No idea how you get to see total songs instead of total albums as nowhere in the view mode does it define anything that relates to a single track. So either your explanation of setup 1 is wrong or you didn't do as I advised. The %album% view format and %album% PRESENT filter gives me exactly the amount of albums when I test it. %album% view format simply groups all %album% together, unless you made something like %album% %title% or %album% %filename%, something that would group according to a smaller element (relating to an individual file) you won't be seeing a count that relates to amount of total songs.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Need data string for library stats...
Last post by Kischa -
Ok I tried this two ways:

First I did a cleanup in my Library Tree  panel.

Setup 1:

View format to %album% and and changed my filter to %album% PRESENT.

Closed panel and picked the my edited row in "filters" scrollbar.

Outcome:  Albums and tot songs to the right. 

Setup 2:

View format to %artist% and and changed my filter to %album% PRESENT.

Outcome: Artist and total albums to the right.

Maby Im not doing this right or maby I have not been giving you the right information again lol.

My wish is to have it to show 1 total sum of all my library albums and not for each artist.

Thanks for having patience with  :-[

General Audio / Re: AM distortion from soundcard at frequencies above 12kHz
Last post by [JAZ] -
@radio pushka : Given that you are on linux, another solution would be that you configure ALSA for a virtual soundcard named Dmix and configure it to use the soundcard at 48Khz .  Then, use the virtual soundcard as the default soundcard and/or in the player application.

Some more information on this page:
(I haven't changed any thing ALSA related for some years, so I just know that it can be done, not the exact way of doing it)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by WilB -
I have done a quick maintenance update of Biography (& also Library Tree & YouTube Track Manager) to fix compatibility with JScript Panel 2.2.0+. There are no new features. They can be downloaded from the usual locations.

Spider Monkey Panel versions with new features will appear shortly...
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