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The mystery of the 14 invisible AAC tracks

Hi everybody,

I have one centralized music library, and I use two different foobar installations, on two separate PCs, to access it.

The first foobar (1.3.9) sees all the tracks in the library (47.289).
The second foobar (1.2.2) sees all the tracks except 14 of them (47.275).
I have quickly found that the 14 tracks are 14 AAC256 tracks (.m4a), out of my total 321 AAC tracks.

They are not corrupted or anything : they exist, and they all play fine in my first foobar, just like the other AAC tracks.
Weirdly, these 14 tracks are all from the same compilation (they are in the same HDD directory).
They are the only 14 AAC tracks in that directory (the other tracks in that same directory are mp3).
That directory has no naming issues or anything.
They all have the same characteristics according to foobar : 254 Kbps, codec AAC, codec profile AAC LC, 44.1 KHz, Stereo.

I shouldn't care much about only 14 tracks, but I'd like to know the reason, and if there's a solution or a workaround.
So, oan somebody explain why this is happening ? Thanks. :)

PS : please don't tell me to update my second foobar. I'll update the first, but I'd like to keep the second that way. Thank you.

Re: The mystery of the 14 invisible AAC tracks

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I'm curious. What is the reason to stick with old software when updating is free, fixes bugs and doesn't break compatibility?
Either way changelog mentions a number of AAC related fixes since the old version you have there. I'd assume they are related to the files not working.

Re: The mystery of the 14 invisible AAC tracks

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Yes, I was thinking it could be version-related. Too bad then.
Is there some file that I could "move" to version 1.2.2 to magically improve AAC performance, or is it part of the core ?

FYI the reason is the compatibility with the former version of Facets. Facets has lost functionality since v1.0, e.g. the ability to display colors within the facets. Frank decided to consider colors only as eye-candy and not as something useful. In that, I strongly disagree.

So, I have several foobar installations that I update regularly, and one foobar installation that I don't update anymore.

That being said, I find it weird that these 14 AAC files are all in the same folder, when this folder is a compilation of tracks collected individually from various sources. Which means there is apparently no relation at all between the 14 tracks, except their HDD location.
Would there be a way to test these files, and see if there's any difference with the other AAC files ? Because I'm not even sure there is one.


Re: The mystery of the 14 invisible AAC tracks

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Are you claiming old facets doesn't work with new foobar2000? The compatibility goes the other way around: old core can't support newer components.

It would be very easy for you to test your directory theory by copying one or some of the files to a new location and trying to add them to the library from there or just playing them. All we can do is speculate, perhaps you have added the directory + file combination to the media library's exclusion list.

Re: The mystery of the 14 invisible AAC tracks

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Thanks for the info. I thought the compatibility could go both ways, so newer versions of foobar could also sometimes require some components to be updated to keep up. Was I wrong to assume that ?

Anyway, I have updated my 1.2.2 and I have instantly found the 14 missing AAC tracks, so thanks for that. :)

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