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Mass-editing .fpl files

Hi everybody,

Due to a change in my music library root folder, I'd like to mass-edit all my playlists (excluding autoplaylists of course).

Basically I'd have to replace all the "X:\AUDIO\" with only "X:\", in all my playlists.

Can this be achieved, and if yes, how please ?

Thank you.

Re: Mass-editing .fpl files

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Foo_playlist_revive or you can export your playlists to a plaintext format (maybe m3u), do a basic replace on all the paths then reimport the modified playlists back to foobar.

Re: Mass-editing .fpl files

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Awesome ! Thanks Daeron, I'll give the reviver a try. ;)

Re: Mass-editing .fpl files

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It works. Well, sort of. It retrieves a small part of the stuff (generally less than half), and only one playlist at a time, which is quite tedious when you have dozens of them.
Most of all, it doesn't seem very effective. Lots of files where basically only the path changed (e.g. X:\ instead of X:\AUDIO) weren't retrieved, even though their main tags (artist, title, album, etc.) were unchanged.
Well, nevermind. Good enough for now. :) Most of my playlists are autoplaylists anyway, and the rest I'll be able to correct manually I guess.

Re: Mass-editing .fpl files

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Under Advanced/Tools/Playlist Revive  there is an option "compare track title in reviving" that might help.

Re: Mass-editing .fpl files

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It's all in your Media Library, right? It doesn't have any idea where else to source the tracks from when looking for the new locations.


Re: Mass-editing .fpl files

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Best way would be to save everything to .m3u file, open each in Notepad, hit Ctrl+H, put X:\AUDIO into top line and then X:\ into bottom one and then hit "Replace all". Then simply hit Ctrl+S and load such file in foobar. Foobar would only need to load extended metadata info from files (which may take some time) and then you only need to close it to have all .fpl files saved in config folder. No plugins involved.

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