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WavPack filter for CoolEDit

I have posted an alpha version of a WavPack file filter for CoolEdit. I have tested it on CoolEdit 2000, but it should work on CoolEdit Pro as well (please let me know if it doesn't).

It supports reading of all WavPack files (including 20 and 24-bit files) and also handles the correction files for hybrid lossless mode. It doesn't have any options yet, so it only can write in standard lossless mode. 32-bit floating data is truncated to 24-bits on writing.

Download it here:

For the release I want to add a dialog box to set write modes and select resolution, noise shaping and dithering options for the writing of 32-bit float data, and I want to include the extra information like cues and loops.

Edit: updated link

WavPack filter for CoolEDit

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Tnx Bryant.
The filter worked perfectly(ce2k also) and since I use WavPack only in lossless mode, the only feature I'm missing is setting the compression level(fast, normal, etc...).
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WavPack filter for CoolEDit

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Wonderful. =D

Alright, tested with CEP2.1, and here's what happened...

With the File -> Open dialog, the plugin works flawlessly.  Unfortunately, though, dragging & dropping a .wv file into CEP makes it try to interpret it as a wave file, which ends up being nothing but peaking, more or less.  Saving is great, and Open Dialog is great, but the dragging and dropping makes an error... Perhaps this can be corrected on Syntrillium's side?  Because I've never seen any wav file with a .wv extension... =P

But anyway, it's wonderful, and I'm looking forward to the release. =D


WavPack filter for CoolEDit

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LIF and Ariakis:
Thanks for testing!

Hey, I had never tried to just drop a file in there, but I see what you mean by it not working right. The problem is that the header of WavPack files is exactly like .wav files, and CoolEdit thinks that's a more reliable indicator than the extension. The funny thing is that when you use Open and specify All Files *.* and select a WavPack file it works correctly, even though this is really the same scenario.

WavPack 4.0 will have new headers, but for now there's no way I can fix this because it all happens without them even calling my filter. But thanks for the heads up...

WavPack filter for CoolEDit

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I have uploaded a new version of the filter with a dialog box for setting writing options, including different options for saving float data.

Thanks again... 

WavPack filter for CoolEDit

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I haven't managed to find any problems with it, and I never realized you could drop files into CEP either

Great job
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WavPack filter for CoolEDit

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Thanks, Mac... 

Okay, I figured out why none of the other lossless CoolEdit file filters support the "save extra info" feature (even if they pretend to like the .ape filter): it's a pain in the ass!

Anyway, it took over 300 lines of code (which wasn't particularly fun to write, either) but it seems to work okay and I just hope that somebody uses this...   

I tested on CE2K; if anyone could do the same on CEP I would sure appreciate it!

WavPack filter for CoolEDit

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Hi bryant,
are you sure this filter is alpha? It works flawlessy

Tried it on cep 2.0 and 2.1 and found no problems (resampling, batch converting, trying different sizes, saving  with variuos switches, etc)

Will continue
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WavPack filter for CoolEDit

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Hi bryant,
are you sure this filter is alpha? It works flawlessy

Haha! Thanks. It's alpha, but my QA department has been working pretty hard on it. Of course, she's a cat... 

BTW, I have released this filter along with a little readme describing the configuration options and a whole new source code package. Available at the bottom of the WavPack homepage:


WavPack filter for CoolEDit

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Oops! Found and fixed a bug in this now. It turns out that 20-bit files were being written out with an error in the wave format header. This would not be problem within CoolEdit or Foobar or winamp (which is why my QA department didn't catch it right away), but if someone used wvunpack to create a real .wav file, it would have the problem in the header.

Sorry, again!