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Topic: "Album Artist" in Meta Data different from "Artist" (Read 1505 times) previous topic - next topic
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"Album Artist" in Meta Data different from "Artist"

I am ripping compilation albums with DBP, and it is ripping the correct artist from the album, but then when I check the meta data, it is ripping the title of the labum (ie "Hot 25") for the "Album Artist."

I need to completely get rid of "Album Artist", but I don't see that option in the meta Data options.

"Album Artist" in Meta Data different from "Artist"

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I don't use dBpoweramp, but any tag editor should work for fixing-up the tags (metadata) after ripping.

I usually use the tag editor built-into Winamp (which I use for playing audio files).  Mp3tag[/b][/u] (FREE!!!) seems to be very popular.  (Mp3tag works with most audio formats, not just MP3.)

I need to completely get rid of "Album Artist",
Personally,  I use "Various Artists".

It's not that unusual to have to edit the tags from 'various artist' CDs.  Sometimes the title & artists tags are mixed up,  and sometimes the title & artist information ends-up in both tags.