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Cuetools & refALAC tagging

 Cuetools & refALAC

How to tag : albumartist, discID ?
(convertation from image + cue)
Thanks  :)

Re: Cuetools & refALAC tagging

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AlbumArtist is added when the Artist is not the same on all tracks.
tag should only exist if an album contains various artists. It should NOT be created when an album does not contain various artists.
DiscID is written to the CUE sheet only.

Re: Cuetools & refALAC tagging

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In EAC it's possible :
--long-tag discid:"%cddbid%"
--band "%albumartist%"

So I suppose it should be possible in Cuetools ?......

Re: Cuetools & refALAC tagging

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Sorry, CUETools uses taglib-sharp internally for the tagging so you cannot use command-line parameters to force custom tags.

Re: Cuetools & refALAC tagging

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Thanks for answers :)