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General - (fb2k) / Re: Optimal directory structure for best performance?
Last post by hexenszene -
Which version do you use?

I think you're right that it's probably Facets.  Foobar monitors about 5 library folders across different drives.  I set up a top level Facets pane that uses the directory path as the primary method of sorting... it can be sluggish.
Thanks for your reply.
General - (fb2k) / Foobar vs Roon feature comparison
Last post by hexenszene -
I've been using FB2k for nearly 20 years, but I always like to see what else is out there.  Recently I downloaded Roon for a trial, and overall I've been unimpressed considering the hype.  No way I'm paying for it, because Foobar is still a better piece of software that Roon wouldn't be able to adequately replace.  (Roon really doesn't work well with my 'workflow' - making and editing playlists constantly, file management, etc.)  However there are a couple nice features it has that I would love to figure out a way to integrate into FB2k, if possible:

First, with Roon, I can use a second computer in the house as a "remote control".  My library and speakers are connected to my desktop PC, and with Roon I can use my MacBook to control playback from across my apartment.  I feel like I remember there's a way to do this with FB2k, but I'm not sure how.  Can anyone help with guidance?

Second, Roon can do algorithmic playback based on a song or artist, using only local files.  It's basically a Spotify radio station based on a song, but only using your own library.  Very cool.  This one is more of a long shot, but has anyone ever tried to figure out a way to incorporate algorithmic playback into Foobar?

General - (fb2k) / Optimal directory structure for best performance?
Last post by hexenszene -
I have multiple music folders and subfolders across 2 different drives (artists by genre, compilations, classical, mp3, flac, etc) and Foobar monitors them all as separate libraries.  Foobar also seems to be slower lately when searching in Facets.  Not sure if it's my Facets search strings, or if my directory structures/libraries might just be inefficient for the software to handle. 

Is there an optimal directory structure that I should change to?  Theoretically, would Foobar be faster if I had every album in one single folder, rather than broken up in various directories?  Is it better to have it monitor a single library folder, rather than 7 or 8 libraries?