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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_enhanced_playcount - Record all song plays and scrobbles
Last post by MordredKLB -
I re-installed the component today hoping that the CPU use may no longer be a concern (EDIT: sadly it still is, manual pulling triggered it), however automatic scrobble pulling is broken. When I press "reset" it fetches the date of the day I removed the plugin (2022-10-29), then if I close and re-open its preferences, the next historical pull date is mentioned as being 1970-01-01. Manual pulling of scrobbles still works, but of course I've listened to quite a lot of music in the interim... how can I fix this?
What version of foobar are you using?

As you might have noticed this component hasn't been updated in 4 years or so because it was basically working flawlessly AFAIK (things might have changed in 2.0, but I had trouble when my foo_playcount stats didn't migrate over, so I gave up).

The component checks for scrobbles in two directions, starting with the last scrobble it knows about. It checks forward in time to get all scrobbles since that last scrobble it has recorded this syncs you up with syncing from other devices/foobar instances/or while you had the plugin removed, so that date 2022-10-29 makes sense.
Then it checks backward from that date 1000 scrobbles at a time (and rarely) to get all your historical scrobbles. Once it finally reaches the last scrobble in, it starts back over at the last scrobble it knows about, just in case some were missed in the interim. 1970-01-01 is the unix epoch, so presumably it thinks the last scrobble time is zero? I'm wondering if there's an issue writing the cfg file for the component (or reading from it?). Again, this may be all related to 2.0, but I haven't tried it. I'll give it a shot soon though.
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v2.0 bugs
Last post by sveakul -
My other question, is I've installed a heap of plugins over the years and not really used them. Is there a simply way to clean my directory and remove anything unused?
In the Installed Components window, right-click the ones you don't use and choose "remove."  Then, in the Profile folder, open the Configuration subfolder and delete any existing .cfg files that correspond to the removed plugins.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Playback from current playlist
Last post by Cannonaire -
I would love to have a Playback > Random for currently viewed playlist as well. Right now I have to start playing a track manually on a new playlist before hitting random. Not a huge issue, but it would be nice.

Sorry for adding onto your thread like this, but it seems like a similar type of thing.
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v2.0 bugs
Last post by funkyblue -
Maybe update foo_playcount

Thanks. That was it :)

My other question, is I've installed a heap of plugins over the years and not really used them. Is there a simply way to clean my directory and remove anything unused?

I've installed newest version of foo_playcount after 2.0 beta 24. Without foo_playcount the rating and playcount columns in playlist view showed errors. The Playback Statistics database remains intact.
That seems right. Statistics was removed on beta 18 (?). So anything after that should not retrieve rating or playcount, unless you have the plugin. Correct me if i'm wrong.

Although I think the plugin should be simply integrated into foobar at this point, with the current behavior (not the one linked to paths). It would put an end to all these problems with ratings, statistics disappearing, mixed versions, tag remaps, etc. And the same for the $meta(), %RATING% inconsistencies... lets simply add a new tag remap called %RATING_FILE% which points to "ratin" tags on files, if it exists, and done. Or just a single setting to either use database or read from files. And all tags pointing to that. Much cleaner.

In any case at least it should be installed by default (and opt-out setting).

I'd have to agree. It should be in the default installation. I do not use much apart from the default plugins.
Lossless / Other Codecs / Monkey's Audio 9.10 beta with additional SIMD optimizations
Last post by enzo -
Hi all,

I worked with @MonkeysAudio in the past weeks to add runtime CPU feature detection and additional SIMD optimizations to the codec.

The highlights of this release when it comes to optimization are:

  • Runtime feature detection for x86/x64 optimizations (SSE2/SSE4.1/AVX2)
  • New SSE4.1 and AVX2 optimizations for 24/32 bit coding
  • New ARM Neon optimizations
  • Further optimized existing SSE2 and AVX2 code for improved performance

You can find the full changelog on

The new optimizations do not make a big difference when using the Normal compression level, but the higher the compression level, the greater the performance gain.

On x86/x64 you should see the most significant improvements with 24/32 bit material due to the newly added SIMD code for high resolution processing.

ARM devices like Apple Silicon Macs benefit greatly from the newly added Neon optimizations even with 16 bit audio. On a MacBook Air I measured a performance gain of 25-30% using the High and Extra high compression levels.

The official Monkey's Audio 9.10 beta is available from the official page and the code has been integrated into fre:ac continuous builds already.

It would be great if those interested in Monkey's Audio could give it a try and report bugs or performance regressions.

CUETools / Re: Need help setting up CUETools
Last post by korth -
Are you having an issue with the default settings?

3. This section is used to add missing information to properly identify the rip for verification with the AccurateRip Database. You can also adjust the offset (again for verification with the AccurateRip Database). These should all be zero for normal use.
CUETools / Re: [Wishlist] Suggestions/Requests for CUETools, CUERipper, etc.
Last post by DJKR -
This is not the place to ask questions. This is not a support thread. If you do not know how to use a feature or setting, you should search the board for an existing topic or create a new topic to ask questions. Then if not satisfied with the way the feature or setting functions you would add a request to the WishList. Asking questions under this topic doesn't help anyone else with the same question(s).

Hello, here are some suggestions I have for CUERipper
2. Is there a permanent option, where it will never ask you the question "do you want to overwrite a *.accurip as it exists", If not I would like that.
You could add [_%unique%] to the filename string which will cause a separate .accurip file written with numeric value appended (1..2..3...etc).
If ripping multi-CD sets to the same folder you could add %discnumber% to create separate files such as
Code: [Select]
which would add _-_CD%discnumber% only if %totaldiscs% is 2 or more.

3. more options for the file name format for the accurip log created such as %albumartist%_-_%albumtitle%_-_%year%
I don't think CUETools understands %albumartist%, but %artist%_-_%album%_-_%year%.accurip works fine.
There are specific rules for %albumartist%. If %artist% is the same for all tracks then %albumartist% does not exist, %artist% is used instead. This makes %albumartist% difficult to use for naming templates. Also when CUETools/CUERipper switched from %album artist% to %albumartist%, some of the sections of code were not updated. Because of this you have to use %album artist% in the accurip log file naming template.
I would suggest using
Code: [Select]
$if([%album artist%],%album artist%,%artist%)
so %artist% is used when %album artist% does not exist.

Right now the only way to edit the accurip log file naming template in CUERipper is to edit the .\CUERipper\settings.txt file.
Code: [Select]
There are already multiple requests to make more settings available to the GUI.

Late Edit: Move statement to top of message

Apologies, thanks for the response, you can delete this and the original message and I will search the forum and ask the questions again. The use of _%unique% is a good suggesstion.