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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spider Monkey Panel (foo_spider_monkey_panel)
Last post by regor -
It's not a bad idea, but a lot of us have written our own things in the past and migrating it is almost never worth the hassle when we know how the code works and it's been well tested for years. That's why this kind of generic stuff is unlikely to catch on (unlike components, etc.)
As long as people currently coding get involved, it should be pretty easy to migrate. 'The well tested for years', well SMP has been getting more and more updates and helpers from some years are deprecated, have problems in Wine,  don't work on specific OS versions as expected, etc.

Everybody is using either _isFile, or isFile, etc. JS lets you wrap the same function with 5 different names. If we can agree that _isFile should not crash on external and virtual disk sand do X simple task, it would work for everybody.

Obviously other helpers could not be easily replaced without a consensus, but at least this is something. The simple ones are the ones giving problems...

Developers may not care about updating or using them... but at least some of us may simple point them to the files when a bug is found.

In any case agree with your comments.

About the standard libraries... well, I shared a menu framework, a statistics framework with support for multiple graphs, a map framework (which may be used for a world map, but also for a tags map, or whatever), etc. it's just that no one but me is using them XD

I have seen other user creating graphs in JSP, and he started from scratch... so... Already recommended theQwertiest to clearly point on the docs to such libraries, but without that support, any user starting with SMP has no way to look for them.
General - (fb2k) / Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates
Last post by regor -
For foobar V2 and a future update on 1_6 (since is a really small feature).
Menu entry to start playback from current playlist. Playback/Play from current playlist,123659.0.html

Current menus don't allow to do it or depend on other settings which may not be available. A simple entry playing current playlist would solve it (and also simplify control via CMD or keyboard -currently impossible-).

Additionally, or as an alternative, a 'Set focus entry'. i.e. a way to force focus to be set on current selection, for playback purposes.
Edit/Selection/Set focus
General - (fb2k) / Re: Playback from current playlist
Last post by regor -
Nope. There is no 'Play' action on context menu! XD
Huh, must be a CUI thing?

'Play' is right there on DUI, and in Preferences > Display > Context Menu (+ Keyboard Shortcuts / Toolbar Buttons)
And this is a bug, yep. It's missing even on a new install.

I would love to have a Playback > Random for currently viewed playlist as well. Right now I have to start playing a track manually on a new playlist before hitting random. Not a huge issue, but it would be nice.
That was the thing I was trying to script, via multiple commands: Sort randomize, set replaygain to track mode, play current playlist.

But the last part is not possible without additional components or SMP...
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CUETools / Re: Need help setting up CUETools
Last post by Evzen -
Thanks for your reply.

I want to do everything right and I did not find information on my questions. The site has a lot of useful information, where you can find answers to most questions.

On the third question, everything is clear to me, the values ​​with the correct outcome of the file should be equal to zero. I need to find information on how to manage these settings if something goes wrong.

For the first two questions, I did not find information.

I found the difference between libFLAC and cuetools.

1. Formats - Decoder -> cuetools is installed by default, but libFLAC can also be selected. For decoding, it probably does not matter which of these items is set and you can leave the default cuetools.

Do encoder have libFLAC or cuetools? What are you using?

2. Encoders - libFLAC -> there are settings (Verify and MD5) they can change the values. What are they for and what is better to choose?

Both libFLAC and cuetools have parameters in the Encoders settings that can be changed. Verify, MD5, Allow Non-subset.

What do they mean?
General Music Discussion / Re: Digital Delay: The little dirty secret of vinyl mastering (including AAA records
Last post by ktf -
It just seems to me vinyl mastering was approached in a much more pragmatic and less 'fundamental' way. Digital was an up and coming, new technique, already in use for delay lines in effects, and they were marketing a (presumably very expensive) device of which the measurements showed it was an improvement over using a bespoke tape machine. Much less wow and flutter and easily adjustable for any tape speed. Masters could in fact run at higher tape speeds, improving quality! It all makes perfect sense.

But now, vinyl production is much more prone to scrutiny by purists and snobs, demanding as much (expensive) analog gear as possible, despite it objectively deteriorating quality.
General - (fb2k) / Re: New VST adapter for foobar2000
Last post by ohtoulouz -
Does this VST dsp work with more than stereo?
Should work. Do you know any specific VSTs that fail?

I tested  two upmix VSTs and while the gui of the VSTs shows that they work only the left and right channel is in the output.


Same here. No signal from rear, center and LFE channels of (at least one) 5.1 upmix VST with no error reported. Upmix VST was working fine with old VST component. (Foobar 1.6.16 and VST component 0.11.7). Thanks for your work BTW.



I have found a solution to this problem: I just put "channel mixer" component before calling the VST upmixer to create 6 channels (output: 6 channels; upmix mode: copy with LFE, Center and Rear channels to 0) and it worked as it should. It seems that VST upmixers do not work properly with VST adapter 0.11.7 if the 6 channels (for 5.1 upmix) do not exist in the DSP chain before calling the VST. This channel creation should be implemented in the VST adapter itself to avoid the use of channel mixer.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spider Monkey Panel (foo_spider_monkey_panel)
Last post by MordredKLB -
Is anyone interested? Do we really need like 5 different versions of the isFile helper? XD
I already applied this philosophy on the frameworks though. But this would be a community effort.
Isn't this the problem with JS at-large versus other languages? There's no std library and everybody roles their own thing to handle their own specific use case so there are 31 different flavors of anything you could want. :D

It's not a bad idea, but a lot of us have written our own things in the past and migrating it is almost never worth the hassle when we know how the code works and it's been well tested for years. That's why this kind of generic stuff is unlikely to catch on (unlike components, etc.)

That said, what would be useful to tons of people is a standard UI library for doing stuff in SMP. I got pretty far along with my Material Design one, but then got distracted when I needed to take the next leap to make it easily usable/composable by anyone (still awesome for whipping up quick demos though!). Also since TT's Georgia-Reborn has far surpassed the original in popularity, I don't have a ton of motivation to work on general stuff that it seems only I'd ever take advantage of. This is not a good attitude but I'm busy/lazy.  8)