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MQA Bob tells us digital as we know it is blurred and smeared until you add aliasing, remove the lower bits and wrap it in DRM.
Others trust only in DSD when it has to be digital.
What a mess :)
Hi all,
First, I know a million discussions addressing these questions probably exist, both on here and on other sites ...

Stop right there.

I will answer your question exactly  as asked in the title. What do I think about the debates? They are pantomime shows, in which Oh yes it is! and Oh no it isn't are repeated ad infinitum just as they were in the same show the previous year. I've taken part, to some extent, on both sides over the years. Now it's boring.

Sorry, but you did ask. Literally.
Well, I found a solution... I recompiled LAME with a minor change.

I wrote a blog post about the problem and solution here:

When LAME writes an ID3v2 comment tag, it seems to set the language to either some unicode string, or if the command-line switch --id3v2-latin1 is used, to "XXX." There doesn't seem to be an option to set it to something else. In either case, iTunes will not import this field.

My wife Grace said "your encoder is lame."

I tried to use the id3v2 command-line tool to add the tags to my MP3 file instead. Since I'm making a script, I have no qualms about using two command-line tools instead of one, if that works. But id3v2 seems to have the same problem. It supports the --id3v2-only switch, but there does not seem to be any equivalent of the --id3v2-latin1 switch, so I can't get it to write an iTunes-compatible comment field either.

My workaround was to rebuild LAME, replacing several hard-coded instances of "XXX" with "eng." This is not exactly a bug to report, since I'm not sure that LAME is actually "wrong" per se, according to the standard. But I can't fix the issue in iTunes. And like it or not, if I want maximum compatibility, I have to generate files that work well with iTunes.

A better solution would probably be to give LAME more options. Specifically for this problem an option to set the comment language would be nice. I would hesitate to add a specific switch like --workarounditunes which just forced the comment language to "eng," but maybe the ability to set the comment language would be useful for other folks, while providing a workaround for this compatibility problem.
AAC - General / faac 1.29.7
Last post by knik -
New version with better support for higher bitrates.
This time the binary package contains changelog and help.txt
Please test and report:
There are times when I believe I can perceive a warmth in analog that I don't in digital

Inherent to analog is imperfection.
This might yield distortions we can detect and perceive as "warmer"
A nice article by Hugh Robjohns:
Hooray! It was fixed!

...and I think by around -110 dB, there's hardly anything at all to be heard.
I suggested an experiment to someone recently, and you might find it enlightening too...
Or Audible Dynamic Range Sound Test @ full scale pink noise interleaved with ever quieter voice saying current loudness.

Or the version without noise (scroll one page down and play "16-bit • The Original" sample).
objectively it performs better with higher impedance loads (see the bottom of the page: ) but even at its worst it performs very well and is beyond transparency. i've used it for about a year with the hifiman 400i and didn't notice any problems.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Sort album list by folder/location?
Last post by PeteG -

This should work as well
Code: [Select]
$if($stricmp($left(%path%,1),F),Laptop Music,External Music)|
as in
Code: [Select]
$if($stricmp($left(%path%,1),F),Laptop Music,External Music)|%<artist>%|%album%|[[%discnumber%.]%tracknumber%. ][%track artist% - ]%title%
See screenshot.

Replace the 'F' with the relevant drive letter on the laptop
External comes before Laptop (Xternal doesn't)
You can't get rid of the 'All Music' label
You can't get rid of the item counter
You may also want to experiment with the $directory(path,n) function
As always: Consult
Audio Hardware / Xonar Essence STX and Planar headphones?
Last post by F4ng -
Hi, first time posting here!

Please be nice to me :)

I know that this card can drive high ohms dynamic headphones really well, but what about low ohms planars?

Can it drive, say, Mr Speaker's AEON (15 ohms planar, as measured by Tyll from Innerfidelity), just as well?

I'm looking to buy this headphones as it gets loud enough from my HTC10 without needing an amp, so no need for bulky accessories. I will also use it at home with the Xonar, of course.

I don't really know much about this kind of stuff, as I just buy any headphones that I like and can get loud enough without obvious artifacts, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!