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CD Hardware/Software / Re: is 11/12 an accurate rip?
Last post by pinkyy -
What is it that you think audiochecker does?
I have no idea. I think it has got something to do with checking if data is cd quality.

- if 11/12 is an accurate rip why does the audio checker report an error at track 6 ?
Because it tries to check file "06 - Slovo o covjeku.flac" while its real name is "06 - Slovo o čovjeku.flac".
Apparently it doesn't work well with non-ANSI characters.
Very nice observation! This may be it!
FLAC / Re: Integer error in cue sheet
Last post by TimPendragon -
Huh. Thanks for letting me know I'm not crazy or blind, at least.

I'm using Burrrn, that's what's giving me the error. It won't load tracklist. And as that's the only program I know that will burn directly from FLAC, I'm kinda at a loss. EAC really needs to get on integrating that functionality.
FLAC / Re: Integer error in cue sheet
Last post by Case -
There's nothing wrong with the cue sheet. What ever tool you use that gives the error is faulty. Or some hidden data got removed when the contents were pasted on the forum.
General Audio / Re: BatchEncoder (Audio Conversion GUI)
Last post by wisodev -
Version 4.0 released.


- Added download tools automatically.
- Added try to download tools option.
- Added toggle selected items using space key.
- Added items list search using keyboard.
- Changed output path variables.
- Added more variables for output path.
- Added relative output path support.
- Added load and save output path patterns.
- Automatically rename a file if it already exists.
- Append copy suffix for newly added tool, format or preset.
- Append copy suffix for duplicated tool, format or preset.
- Try to find x86 tool if x64 was not found on x64 platforms.
- Improved performance of loading and saving items.
- Improved performance of removing items.
- Reduced the size of an executable.
- Using virtual list for items.
- Using virtual list for presets.
- Using virtual list for formats.
- Using virtual list for tools.
- Reduced memory usage.
- Added basic logging support.
- Added tools utilities class.
- Added separate core project.
- Using std::wstring instead of CString.
- Using std::map container.
- Using std::vector container.
- Using std::thread for workers.
- Using std::mutex for syncing workers.
- Refactored worker classes.
- Added unit tests.

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