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Scientific Discussion / Re: Help me understand why sound is one dimensional
Last post by saratoga -
I looked-up "dimension" and I found this:

The word dimension is related to the word measure. It is used in two ways in geometry.
•It is used to specify a measurement:
"What are the dimensions of this rectangle?" or "Build a rectangular prism that has these dimensions."

•It is also used to count the (mutually perpendicular) directions that an object can be measured.
"A rectangle has two dimensions" or "This is a three-dimensional figure" or "How many dimensions does a point have?"

"Length is a one-dimensional measure, but area is a two-dimensional measure."
Counting mutually perpendicular directions an object can be measured
•A point has zero dimensions: there is nothing to measure; a point just specifies a location, but has no size.
•A line] segment has one dimension: we can measure its length, but it has no width or thickness or any other measurable feature.
•A rectangle has two dimensions: we can measure its length and, perpendicular to that, its width. The interior of a triangle or oval is also two-dimensional. Though we don't think of these as having "length" or "height," they cover a region that has extent in not just one direction but two.

Nothing surprising there...  It's all "common sense" ... So I'm back to 2-dimensions....

The second and third definitions are the appropriate ones, and would give you an answer of 1 dimension.

We can (and do) represent audio (or approximate audio) as a "1-dimensional array".  But, that's an array full of many one-dimensional values.

The values of a 1 dimensional array are zero dimensional points.  If the values were 1 dimensional, you would have a 2D array, which is more formally called a matrix.

   It can't be represented as one-single line or graphed/mapped in one-dimension.

The output of a line out jack is literally a 1D linear array of speaker displacements.  If you could not represent sound as a linear sequence of driver positions, speakers would not work.

     A continuous wave is an infinite number of one-dimensional values...     So, I'm still at 2-dimensions.  

Off by  one error.  YOu have zero dimensional values so you'are at 1 dimension when you accumulate them into a series or vector.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Identify Doubles in Playlist?
Last post by anamorphic -

I'm not sure there is a way without already knowing in advance which files in the playlist are duplicates. If you already knew you could obviously search in Facets for example - %title% HAS "Brand New" - and Facets would highlight each one.

I'm not sure if you are talking about having the exact same files (same %path%) repeated in the playlist, or separate files with the same or similar tags?

Duplicates cannot exist in the Library unless there are two separate files of the same track (or unless your Library > Configure > Media Library > Music Folders are not sync'd correctly, in which case right-click a folder to Rescan). So if that is the case, one solution might be to just remove the copy-cat files before they even get added to the playlists.

If the former (same %path%), the only other way I can think would be to File > Save Playlist as .m3u8, and import it into an advanced text editor that can Find/Replace duplicate lines. (I think Notepad++ can do this? - here is an article of various ways)

Unless there is a plug-in that I'm not aware of (there are many :D ) that adds such to foobar.

Best of luck 8)
Support - (fb2k) / Crash on Ios since today's update.
Last post by fihsba -
I'm running the (official and without any add-ons) fb2k app on my Iphone 5C, and since today's update (the one that adds support for TuneFUSION). it crashes on launch: I see the startup logo, the music folder with "Please wait..." line for a fraction of a second, then a black screen, and the app closes..I tried the usual app close, reboot, forced reboot, but still nothing. What can I do?

P.-s.: English isn't my first language, so sorry for the eventual mistakes.
CUETools / Re: Splitting single file FLACs results additional snaps
Last post by DVDdoug -
I almost "has to be" a small gap...   If you cut & re-join waveform "perfectly" you won't introduce a click.

If there's a gap in the middle of the waveform that can cause a click.

You can't hear DC offset (offset is zero-Hz).   But you can hear a click when it kicks-in or kicks-out.   That's usually at the beginning and end of the file but it could also happen at a gap.   If you're hearing it during silence between songs, it's probably an offset and a gap.

The best solution might be to cut the file at the zero-crossings with an audio editor.   A short gap at a zero crossing won't cause a click and if it's short-enough you won't notice it.
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