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AAC - General / Re: Which encoder to use today?
Last post by ThaCrip -

You are a little too jumpy to recommend but you're not experienced enough to recommend a bitrate, you can suggest buy not recommend, I see a big difference there.

Yes, true i am not experience and i know i am no expert at ABXing (as i doubt i am anything special here). but as far as my whole 128kbps and 256kbps Apple AAC comments ain't it basically true that 128kbps is a pretty strong setting overall? (like on those ABX tests score 4.00+ largely) ; hell, it appears iTunes uses that on some things while using the 256kbps on others.

i just figured i would say that because it's probably a good ball park guideline for those who care about space and those that don't. with that said, i realize there is no concrete answer as i am sure people around here would default to telling someone to ABX themselves to find the point they are happy with etc.

Don't take it personally, I think the forums needs to see more experience, more abx logs, months of testing and relax and retest etc. I don't recommend anymore either, that's why there are recommendation pages for all the lossy codecs, point the users there instead of confusing them more with "my recommendation here and there".

I understand. it's a safer thing for you to say that because of the higher standards of this site.

but we all got opinions on such stuff and would you actually disagree with my basic 128kbps/256kbps opinion on Apple AAC ; like as a really basic guideline? ; 128kbps a general use sorta thing on the go (i think Apple AAC tests really well in this range as i want to say 4.00+ area on a wide range of samples) and for the more paranoid type use 256kbps(i am not 100% sure but i would imagine ABXing at this range has either got to be non-existent or not far from it(?))

at the end of the day... one of the common things people would tell others asking for recommendations is to ABX themselves til the point they no longer can and then maybe bump up the bit rate a little over that as a precaution.

The 64 bit setting is already set, for all the encoders that have the option, I think I was the one to suggest it probably 2 years ago so no extra step there, same number of clicks to get it to work like the 32 bit. And there is quite a speed difference if you have a more powerful i5/i7 IIRC.

Maybe i was not doing things right but when using 32bit qaac, Foobar2000's general Convert menu works but with the 64bit qaac it does not work from that general menu as without the 32bit qaac there it just seems to error and apparently is looking for the 32bit qaac executable file. so unless i am missing something the 64bit qaac seems a bit harder to setup as it seems to need the 'custom' option which uses commands instead of the sliders.

as for the speed difference... assuming your right with the i5-i7 CPU's then the 64bit qaac definitely looks more appealing. but on my i3 it's not worth using given that it's not as straight forward to use like the usual 32bit is through the Convert menu in Foobar2000.

This is what I do, I have few rules:

I suggest AAC from ~96 up, Opus same or even ~80 up at this point since I was able to hear some stuff at ~64 but I have to test deeper, MP3 from V4/V3 up with personal tests to see if V4 is enough, the rest is up to again, more personal tests from the user. I don't suggest any other lossy codec but if you want to use Vorbis or MPC or LossyXXX whatever. For lossless I suggest FLAC, default -5. WavPack or ALAC only on few situations.

It seems we are likely similar here with the starting low point of Opus/AAC/MP3 and i also agree those three lossy encoders/formats are all that are worth using at this point in time to as Opus is the newest and does well so people will have some interest in that and AAC/MP3 are basically the standard that a lot of hardware supports so those are always going to be appealing.

because with Opus when i switch from 48kbps to 64kbps that's the last clearly noticeably change for me as i can ABX on 48kbps but at 64kbps i would not be surprised if i can't do it consistently and i have heard others go with the 80kbps setting to as their safe minimum.

as for the FLAC comments... you prefer FLAC 5 over 8. any reason for that?

I heard with today's computers there is not much reason not to use FLAC 8? ; correct me if i am wrong, but ain't the only drawback to 8 over 5 is initial encoding time? ; because if decoding time is not effected i see no reason not to use 8 over 5 since encoding times would not really matter much either way since it's very fast with modern computers and you might as well save the 3-5MB extra disc space per full album with FLAC 8 over FLAC 5.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Linear Phase Subwoofer
Last post by E.Sokol -
Any ideas if this is possible with a secondary soundcard instead of a 5.1 one?
Not possible. No way to synchronize audio from different soundcards.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: How to check if file exists?
Last post by Hyperion101 -
You can supply $findfile with multiple paths and it returns the first one that exists...

Code: [Select]
Thanks, it worked! Now my code that looks for artist pictures in every possible case within my library, looks like this:
Code: [Select]
I've ordered it by how common each case is in hope that it will cut some precious milliseconds when looking for the picture.

jazzthieve I am not having it confused and I didn't expect that code to work, I only wanted to hint what I had in mind but just missed the function to use in there. I was trying to set the same global variable, not several of them, and I did it so because I was certain that in every case only at most one of the conditions would evaluate as true.

The findfile function you suggested was just what I was looking for, thanks!
FLAC / Re: Issues with playing FLAC files in a Mazda
Last post by probedb -
Possibly ask the guy who did the firmware tweaks why, what he's changed etc?
FLAC / Issues with playing FLAC files in a Mazda
Last post by SergSlim -

I have a Mazda car with infotainment system which originally does not support FLAC playback, however the system is easily customizable and one guy added support of FLAC playback. It was working fine in one of the previous firmware versions, than I got my system updated and FLAC support tweak stopped working until that guy made another tweak to support it in the newer firmware version. In this FW there is an easier way to add its support, however now some files won't simply play in my car.

Now I try to figure out the reason why those files don't play. I have tried removing all tags, renaming the files, moving them to the root of the USB flash disk, using another USB flash disk - does not help.
One thing I noticed - if a song from particular album doesn't play - none of the other songs from the same album will play.
I thought maybe it's related to FLAC encoder version. I compared files that play with those that don't - but there were files in both groups with same encoder versions, so that for example files encoded with 1.3.1 were both playing and not.
Then I also tried to convert one of the problematic files from FLAC to FLAC using CMD and latest FLAC.exe - also did not help.
Out of 3700 files - 861 do not work.

Also I thought that bit depth or Sample rate, or simply size could be the reason, but there are files as heavy as 24/96 that do work, so that's also out of question.

I'm out of ideas what could be the reason. What else could be specific about a group of FLAC files that differs them from another group of files? How can I check it?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_popup_panels
Last post by fbuser -
When the main window is minimized, the pop-up window is still displayed and on top. Is that possible?
Support - (fb2k) / Re: change volume from command line
Last post by marc2003 -
You should try picking a menu command that actually exists.

Support - (fb2k) / change volume from command line
Last post by Forfit -
foobar2000.exe "/command:Set to -0 dB"
foobar2000.exe "/command:Set to -10 dB"
not work?
do it is not possible to change volume from command line?
Polls / Re: Where do you get your music from?
Last post by Chibisteven -
I get my music from everywhere...

  • Retailers like Best Buy, Walmart or Target
  • Record stores (preferably the Audio CD format and brand new)
  • Used off the internet from places like eBay and Amazon.
  • Brand new from reputable online retailers such as Amazon, CDJapan, etc.
  • I have an iTunes account that I buy songs from.
  • Video games.  I record from an actual console or extract the streams on a case by case basis for each game.
  • Live TV (LOL), I did this once actually.
  • Download a few MIDIs from independent artists, the ones that come with soundfonts or mention which soundfont or synthesizer to use does make life a hell lot easier, nothing stops me from trying to make a MIDI sound more pleasant to me on a favorite synthesizer if I can't find out what I'm supposed to use.