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Polls / Re: 2018 Format poll [Lossy Formats]
Last post by kode54 -
I've been told polls can be configured to let people vote N times, and that lets you choose multiple options, and that's the official word. I don't even know if they had the sense to restrict it to one vote per option, or let people vote whatever one choice they want multiple times. Not good.

Of course, we could have continued to use the same unsupported forum script for another decade, it definitely supported the correct voting options for polls. Nobody was openly attacking IP.Board 2 forums anyway, so not likely anyone would have exploited a hole that probably didn't even exist.

Plus, playing whack-a-mole with the spammers constantly, including through the invention of a custom moderation script to do things the forum didn't support natively, kept us all on our toes.
Scientific Discussion / The PSEUDO-DolbyA is now working in commercial setting...
Last post by jsdyson -
The pseudo-DolbyA has been getting LOTS of work since I last posted any status.  I got help from a very pleasant and encouraging  recording professional with real DolbyA units (many of them, in fact), and have been able to both correct the gain curves and to make the pseudo-DolbyA really work well.  In some cases, been getting feedback by pro-golden-ears that the pseudo-DolbyA is working better than a real one.  (I still need to get official agreement from him to allow me to give him official credit/use his name in the credit for his assistance.  He has been INCREDIBLY helpful with the know-how and information.)

Since I have dangled the carrot, and shown many defective previous versions (mostly threshold problems and gain curves that were slightly off -- also the attack/decay was slightly imperfect), now it works truly perfectly.  I am offering access to a binary version of the decoder for Windows10 on Silvermont X86 or better platforms.  The version that I am offering is slower than the full version that takes advantage of more advanced platforms, but it works the same.   The code has stabilized (every 'improvement' has essentially been destructive -- this thing is on the bloody edge of perfection.)

The resulting performance is very good -- it has less distortion (both intermod and nonlinear distortions) than a real unit -- probably below the theoretically possible with normal FET gain control hardware.

Post here or send a private message with an email address that can accept a 2.5MB file (it will actually be smaller), and I intend to send copies within days (the windows software is working right now, just need the time for turnaround.)  I'll essentially forget the email address upon sending the response other than to check to make sure that it is working for you.  There will be NO commercial solicitation, but I require that there be no further distribution beyond the user/company who receives each copy.  I fully expect feedback as to problems/bugs that are seen.  If no bugs, no feedback is necessary.   This offer is good until about the first of June 2018.

This is truly a fairly simple piece of software but the design details have been very subtle.

If you are just interested in the theory of operation, the previous source versions are fairly accurate -- but with several serious unintended flaws.  Perhaps the worst, which makes the sound quite incorrect for true DolbyA transparency is that the bandpass filters are not correct -- even though it seems like they should be.  There is a conversion problem between the active filter bands used in a real DolbyA unit and the digital filters (using bilinear transform) that I had originally designed.   Also, the attack decay structure was generally correct in the previous source versions -- but there are things missing that really improve the intermodulation sidebands (even visible on a spectogram.)  All of my filters also previously used an incomplete structure that caused mostly phase errors (but also some amplitude errors) when the filter frequency was close to Nyquist.  All of these bugs and others (including a much better gain vs. level fit for each band) have been corrected in the up-to-date source.   Also, the resulting binary code in the demo/test version that I am making available has these bugs fixed.

So -- this is meant as a peace offering and an apology for not distributing full source at this time.   Soon, I will find the correct terms for sale/distribution, and will make that information available to professional recording engineers.  Frankly, it JUST MIGHT still be free, but I am not sure!!!

Examples using the psuedo-DolbyA for decoding reside on:

Specifically the Petula Clark examples are the closest in the repository to a pure decode.  The ABBA show the great clarity because of the decoder design.

Polls / Re: 2018 Format poll [Lossy Formats]
Last post by includemeout -
I'm also going to join the ranks of the group complaining about the poll letting you choose only one option, because that is not what happens in (our) reality: specially amongst us long-term HA 'format browsers'.
Polls / Re: 2018 Format poll [Lossy Formats]
Last post by Klimis -
I'm using AAC @ 160kbps for listening music on my phone but I'm ready to jump to Opus @ 96kbps once Android or Samsung supports Opus on their .opus container instead of mkv. That was a poor choice.
AAC / How to make XLD automatically number tracks?
Last post by John 31415926 -
It's been a long while since I've encoded music.  Now I can't find my way back to a basic function that I believe I used to use frequently.

I'm trying to create folders of compressed tracks from CD's and FLAC's using XLD.  When I go to play back an album-folder of compressed tracks, the tracks appear (and play) in alphabetical order - not in the order they appeared in on the album.

I'm trying to accomplish two things ... #1) automatically add a track number to the file name (ie, "01 Stairway to Nowhere.m4a ... 02 Ready for Anything.m4a ... etc" .... and #2) also have each track embedded with the track number in its respective tag. 

I just want my folders (of individual tracks) to play exactly like the original album ... and using song-embedded info, not a separate cue file.

I could have sworn this was a simple pref to check when I last used XLD.  Now I can't find it and I have no idea how to get those two simple outcomes. 

Can anyone help?

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: CaTRoX (QWR Edition): fb2k theme
Last post by MordredKLB -
No, of course. Like I said, I went for the simplest solution at the moment. Doing it my way, I miss out on collapsible/selectable functionality which would be great to have... and it's much uglier if you want it disabled or if you're already grouping by discnumber.

I also ultimately decided that this early in my theme development I didn't want to drift too far from your main branch if I could help it :)

Just now though I did have another idea of how to approach this as it's own item when the groups are being created, so I might give this another pass and see how difficult it is.
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